Who's youre favourite hunter from Metroid Prime Hu

Who’s youre favourite hunter from Metroid Prime Hunters?

  • Trace
  • Sylux
  • Noxus
  • Kanden
  • Spire
  • Weavil
  • Samus
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Mines Trace

definently noxus (based on his looks because i have never played the game)

i like the coloring of his body and the steamlined ness of it.


Nothing to explain here.

Samus and what Tim said.



I am best with Noxus (Or at least against alters or snipers), but I have to say Weavil is my favorite.

Spire. I’m a pyro. :smiling_imp:


Weavel rocks cuz he’s a pirate. Weavel rocks cuz he has an energy blade. Weavel rocks cuz he’s the only one with a handgun-type weapon. Weavel rocks cuz he has a crotch-mounted mortar cannon. <_<

However, Spire is also pretty awesome, since the magmaul is my favorite weapon anyway.

But either way…

Kanden wins, because his backstory is sweet, his color scheme is spiffy, his affinity is UBER, and his morph is the coolest damn thing ever. Plus the morph attack is really effective.

For me i own with sylux.


I owns everyone with Kanden.

I agree with this, and while Sylux is the hunter i use, Kanden, has the best affinity, and is the most interesting character. He’s a friggin beast who doesnt give a crap who gets in his way.

…trace…just cant resist sniping and turning invisible, two of my favorite things to do.

i have never lost like this:

samus w/ lots of missles, or magmaul

trace w/ imperialist obviously,

sylux w/ magmaul

but with noxus i have never lost, even with no missles left, and i only had 56 energy, but i killed 3 people and won.

i have only died once with spire, and i kill more times than i die with trace and samus

Sylux with magmaul???

noxus sux :stuck_out_tongue: his morphed form is this really lame spinning thing that u have to hold l to get a scythe out

Im good at using Kanden, and Tripwires are my Favorite weapon,

Fave Hunter(s):


I like Spire. He can climb walls and roll around in the lava just to annoy others.

well, ive played all day, and come to the conclusion:

noxus+ judicator+ loads of ammo= unbeatable.
kanden+ vold driver + more health+ hard to kill
samus+ loads of missles+ prime hunter = da best