WHOA! MP2's main menu theme...

You know the kinda “techno-y” voice you hear in the MP2 Main Menu music?

I just played the main menu music off Symphony of Samus at maximum volume… and I realized what it said.

“Join us… join us… join us…”

Creepy, huh?

I think it’s representative of the Ing… what do you think?

I thought they said something like ‘‘samus’’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa… now that I think about it… some of the words do sound like “samus”. But others still sound like “join us.”

“Samus… join us…”?

yeah that is possible indeed
never noticed it…

Maybe it’s subliminal messaging. maybe it’s trying to get you addicted to Metroid.

Or maybe they’re trying to pull in new employees. XD

But why would they be saying “samus”?

I thought they were just mumbling random stuff. goes to listen once more

Yeah, it does sound a little like “Join us, Samus”. But to me it sounds more like “Hump us, Samus. Join us, Greevis. Join us, Torvus. Pourus, service?”

Yeah, sounds more like mumbling.

Greeeeeat. Now not ONLY am I gonna have nightmares, I’m never going to be able to look at Metroid Prime bosses the same way again.


carrefull, you may listem so much that will start hear things like, join us jetman !! lol hey somebidy tried to play the metroid prime 2 disc backside?


I spit out my coke all over the monitor. XD

Yeah…What exactly would that do? :>_>:

lol hump us, samus

Maybe you’ll play the game backwards! XD

naaah, maybe you life become a game and the game become real uhahuahua

(played too much kingdom hearths)

I’ve isolated and made available for download the section of the song where I think the “join us” is the most clear.

Click here to download the .WAV file.

i’m pretty sure they’re saying what troid92 said they were.

Umm, it sounds like “Torvus” :>_>:

I dout they say Hump us, Samus… they probably just say ‘Join us.’ over and over again

pourous , service?

shakes head

I’m surprised at you, GM.

I heard it too, they are saying join us samus.