Who will win?

Which will win? (In the long run)

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
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I know I’m a bit late on the topic, but I was thinking, what with the release of MP3:C and Halo 3, this would be a prime time to ask this question. In the long run, who do you think will come out on top for sales? Wii, 360, or PS3? You should also talk about which recent game will come out on top (I know, stupid question, but bear with me), such as MP3:C or Halo 3, or even upcoming games, such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I, personally, think that because of the innovative style of gaming, the Wii will win in SALES. Not overall (meaning graphics or gameplay elements, etc. Just sales). The innovative movement of the Wii is the next step into a world of amazing gaming. However, the traditional style presented by the 360 and PS3 cause veteran gamers to lean towards those consoles. So, what do you think?

Why can’t consoles get along? Why does one have to ‘win’? :\ Why must ‘fans’ always compare and argue about stupid shit like this?

WTG? I voted all of them?
They’ll form one big SUPER-CONSOLE!
Halo 3: Corruption (in) san andreas (or whatever GTAIV is called)
Lulz, loads of weapons, upgrades, and killing people, with hypermode.
Can’t waits!

Well, they can, I’m not comparing the consoles, Per se, I’m just comparing the sales of the consoles, and who will “win” sales-wise.

Well, I remember a while ago that the Wii passed the 360 in overall sales. With Halo 3 recently released and spamvertised, the 360 looks like it passed the Wii again… barely. Seeing as the Wii has been out for less than a year, while the 360 has almost been out for two, I’d say the Wii will easily catch up again in terms of sales.

My source for console sales: http://nexgenwars.com/

You know, somehow, I just don’t believe that. The 360 has more good games, better graphics, WAY better online play, and lots of cool features like xbox live arcade. Can you play pac-man on Wii? I think not.

PS3 is dead, and everyone knows it. I don’t think it will say on the market for much longer.

IIRC, the 360 appeals to Americans a little more than the Wii does according to sales, but the rest of the world likes the Wii better according to sales, balancing the total sales out to be very close. Something like that.

What’s a PS3? <_<

Well, you do have a point about graphics and online play, but the rest, well, that’s just being biased. The Wii has plenty of good games for it already, and the virtual channel covers everything the 360 arcade does, and then some. Can you play the original Metroid, Legend of Zelda, and Mario Brothers on the 360? Or what about the original Star-fox? Metroid 3? I would list more, but this is all I have from memory. My point is, Nintendo has such a large history that the virtual channel will have, if not already, a much larger choice in games. And those games may be under the Nintendo copyright, but the only reason they have them is because they’ve been in business almost 20 years longer than the Xbox division of Microsoft. That’s why I dislike the 360 with a passion. They just bullied their way in after the new millenium, while Sony and Nintendo had been battling for first place long before. That’s why I’m pro-nintendo, and I have been all my life. They were one of the first companies to make video games, and after eliminating the competition in the mid-80’s, Sony showed up as a new contender, which is why I respect them as well. They have also been in the business for longer than half a decade. And you’ll notice that Japan, where nintendo and sony is based, has shunned the 360, while Nintendo is the leader over in the land of the rising sun. I think that because Microsoft is based over here in the U.S., they will be preferred. Even with that said, Nintendo is rising to the top in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. (Once again, this is sale-wise, not necessarily specification-wise)

why does nobody understand that the Wii can make better graphics than currently seen? it has an excellent gpu it just can’t do the whole 1080p shindig infact it can do 360 graphics just no HD only 408p max but who cares, while Sony and M$ are like GRAPHICS FTW!!! Nintendo goes with their tried and true philosophy of gameplay over graphics

Amen to that.

Microsoft will sell games for the first Xbox on XBL, so there will be more games.

Nintendo tried to have the best graphics once. Do you remember N64?
Yeah, it didn’t have that good graphics at all. And it was Nintendos last try to create a console that could show good graphics.

@Syntax Man
Wii can NOT show 360 graphics. The 360 only downscales 720p, 1080i and 1080p to show it on SDTV’s. The real resolution is always at least 720p. And Wii can barely show widescreen.

Wow…uh, Butch, you’re a little late, but now that you’ve brought it up, I do believe you’re wrong on several different points. True, Nintendo did try good 3D graphics with the N64, but looking back on it, we think it looks crappy. For its time, however, the N64 was considered to have unbelievable graphics. Look at Super Mario 64. Looking at it now, it looks like crap, but I remember when I first played it, and I thought it was the best game in the world (man that was a long time ago…). Oh, as for the whole “Wii can barely show widescreen,” That is wrong. Horribly, Horribly wrong. The Wii can deal out widescreen display, I’ve seen it. It looks amazing. And it was done without the High-Def Wires that you can buy. So then I saw that, and it looked like I was playing a 360. And trust me, the 360 can look like crap. I’ve seen it downscaled to a piece of crap TV that didn’t even have two audio plugs!

Hey, just curious, whoever owns and 360, have your wires gotten messed up somehow? Does the screen turn a translucent green or red? Because that happened to my friend. His warranty just died, so he wants to know if this happens to the cords or not, to see if he can get it fixed.

Wii does’nt have true Widescreen. It stretches the image a bit to fill the screen.

The first Playstation had better 3D graphics. It does’nt have antialiasing and shit, but on the other side: You don’t see that fog that destroyed Turok anywhere. N64 did’nt have enough memory. All the Nintendo consoles have too little memory for their own good.

And Wii doesn’t have any “HD cables”. It has component cables, and with them you get a progressive image instead of an interlaced. If your console cant output a HD signal, then it doesn’t matter what cables you have. You will never get a HD resolution.

Old Xbox games that are upscaled on the 360 looks better than all Wii games I have seen.

Try to remove R, G, and B one at a time and then put them back in the TV to see if the error lies there.

The Wii has true widescreen, so don’t say it doesn’t.
Super-Mario-Galaxy Vs Your-Average-XBOX-Game=Fail for XBOX, I could say that the PS3 has worse graphics than the Wii, by doing SMG Vs Crappiest graphiced PS3 game.

Wii does have HD cables. I’ve seen them. You have to buy them separately.

The first Playstation had better graphics than what? The N64? Because it didn’t for a long time. The N64 was the first 3D gaming platform, so you can’t expect much.

I have never seen old Xbox games upscaled on the 360. In fact, I’ve never seen old Xbox games for sale on the 360.

We tried that. The cables are screwed up. It didn’t work. We tried a different TV. It didn’t work. It’s broke. He just wants to know if this happens normally. He wants the able fixed.

butch, butch, butch sigh I"M GOING TO MAKE THIS VERY, VERY CLEAR TO YOU…MoH airborne (360) and MoH heroes 2 (Wii) both on 480i on my TV) look the same (minus HUD differences and reticle) meaning that the Wii CAN do what the 360 does and quick FYI unless you’re using a theater sized TV and you’re sitting three feet from it you don’t really need 720p to have a good picture OK a am exaggerating a bit but the point still stands Wii and 360 have equal graphics just no HD on Wii

(and for the record 480p is 720-820 (depending on the TV) by 480 if that isn’t wide screen please enlighten me as to what is)

Overall i’d have to say Wii wins. I don’t really have a reason why but Syn’s laid down just about all the stuff I don’t understand so yeah, I agree with him.

Wii rules
So does X360
:confused: What’s a PS3 (jk)

Syntax Man, who told you that resolution is the only factor in graphics? Cause whoever did is a complete moron.

Some facts:

Sony Playstation came out 1994.
Nintendo 64 came out 1996.

And Playstation still had better graphics that Nintendo 64…

You can buy COMPONENT-cables for the Wii. What is a HD-cable?
A cable that transforms Wii into a console that supports 720p, 1080i or 1080p?

Microsoft is going to sell Xbox games on XBL, so there will be Xbox games for sale on the 360. And upscaled Xbox games look great in 720p.

And Syntax Man… I will not tell you how dumb you are, but rather make you a little bit smarter:

Wii stretches the pixles a bit so you get the illusion of a 16:9 image.
Some games on the 360 and the PS3 are stretched too.

How many PS3 games have square pixels? Almost none. And Wii? Only 4:3 games.

And if the played the same game on Wii and 360 on the same 720p or 1080p TV, you would see the difference. The output signal from the 460 to the component cable is always at least 720. ALWAYS. What is it that you do not get?

And if you at least TRIED to compare the games at their native resolutions, you would see what Nintendon’t. (<- I’ve always liked SEGA’s SEGA does what Nintenodn’t campain.)

And the Widescreen resolutions:
NTSC Widescreen = 720x480px
PAL Widescreen = 720x576px