Who played Custom Robo?

That games so much Fun but what do you people think about it?

hmm… i think ive played that one b4… isnt it the one where you live in a dome, because humanity wanted to protect themselves with an especially badass robo?

Yeah pretty much.

Well, moreso they wanted to keep humanity from learning about the past, so they are taught that the world is flat and ends at the walls of the dome.
Aside from the very kiddish story mode, it’s a great game. The fights make up for the story, I think. Considering that the game was pretty much made for multiplayer…

I used to laugh so hard at the fact that people’s voices were a series of beeps… xD

That game had a pathetic storyline. There was no voice acting, bad stereotypes, and boring plot…Other than that it was great!!!

The multiplayer was excellent, but only if you had friends. Hopefully, it’ll be online for Wii (it will be for the DS).

i did it awsome

Yet another bump chester. Your going for the record i take it.

the record for the fastest ban? XD

im sorry for the off-topicness but i had to post that =)