who is better? samus or SA-X

who is better? samus or SA-X

  • SA-X
  • Samus
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i think samus, i need to know cause in a game i might make, im going to bring her bak…

Both are cool, but SA-X is a tiny bit better.

Haha, in fusion, Samus is so scared of SA-X, that she hides!

And in the end, (i won’t spoil) Well, everyone who beat Fusion whos the thing that happened.

And, it was awesome and unexpected…

Kind of reminding me of the metroid hatchling that saved Samus, but killed itself…

1–WRong section.

2–How is there ANY contest at all? SA-X is just a mid-level Samus with less intelligence…


Well, if SA-X had less intelligence, or, was stupid, in other words, then why did…


Why would SA-X give up her life?

If there was no SA-X, there be no Samus.

Samus infact, would have died many times before, if it hadn’t been for her enemies:


The metroid hatchling saved Samus and killed herself
The Metroid Vaccine saved Samus’s nervous system, and Samus owed her life to the Metroid, again.
Even after Samus nearly killed SA-X, it was so kind to use it’s last breath to help her enemy… to kill the Omega Metroid, and to protect Samus.

The Sa-X has no affection for Samus at all, it was just combating it’s natural enemy. The Metroid hatchling only saved Samus because it thaught Samus was it’s mother. Besides, what you are saying has no relevence to who’s better at all. Samus, in a way, made the Sa-X.

And, Daz the Sa-X poseses the same intellegence that Samus has; as Samus said the X can mimic the mind, body, and power of it’s occupants perfectly, but it cannot copy the soul. Which makes Samus superior because she has heart.

Fine, then…

I agree with y’all.

Samus is superior…

Lol, next there’ll be a new topic, I bet:

Sylux or Kanden? Which is better?

I mean battle strategy-wise. The best tactics SA-X knows is easily thwarted by doing NOTHING more than jumping back and forth. And it’s too stupid to change tactics after that fails so many times.

Well, the advantage of the SA-X is that it can turn into some giant monster.

And, it can imitate stuff.

And before it dies, the blue X thing parasite jello like thing has some “last resort” form.

I’m still not convinced it’s that intelligent, by the way. It doesn’t even know how to open doors or use elevators. It just blows them up…

Well, when Samus shoots a door, it just opens. When SA-X shoots a door, it’s so powerful that the door blows up!

And, blowing up shows that SA-X has power, and is destructive; someone to be scared of, or to fear.

Yeah, spoilers bellow.

SA-X can open doors. I specificaly remember a time while either in the floor or in the roof of a room where sa-x just opens a door. It was a darker room, I know that. And the X can copy the mind also, and gain the intelligence, even AFTER it’s host dies. Like when the X makes the reactors start overheating. Remember what Adam says after that?

And then they send the frozen X parasites after samus, knowing that it would harm her to absorb them since she was still to weak to withstand the cold. And a little while AFTER you CAN absorb them, they start avoiding you when they see you.

I think the X can most definately be intelligent, and SA-X is no differant.

I think it took time for the SA-X to fully gain Samus’ intelligence, which is why it blew up doors at first rather than simply opening them. However, later when it blows up doors, it’s doing it to stop Samus from proceeding - did you notice that all of the doors it blew up were ones that led out of an area? It was trapping her.

As for the idea that the SA-X saved samus out of concious decision and not because the Omega was it’s natural enemy, I’d like to beleive that the SA-X was intelligent enough to break the bonds of it’s natural instincts temporarily and realise what was really happening. But I guess we’ll never know.

Well said, Jetman and CloudVaris…

I change my mind again… I’m with SA-X!

SA-X is a “clone” of Samus, with the same qualities, but, it’s just that because SA-X is a parasite, it can do many, many more things that Samus can’t.

Oh, and Nintendo would agree with me too. You’d never see a main enemy that’s weaker than you.

No matter what you guys think, it’s true that Nintendo made SA-X look strnger than Samus,

because if Samus could destroy the SA-X’s then there would be a short, or no game at all.

Besides, Nintendo wants $$.

Yeah. More spoilers if you haven’t read the first few posts.

If what you say is true(and I am not doubting you) then why was Samus able to defeat the SA-X when she wasn’t even fully powered? And as for the whole SA-X saving Samus, I think it was just trying to kill it’s natural enemy. After the SA-X was defeated and turned blue, I think it understood that only Samus could destroy the Omega Metroid, and that’s why it let Samus absorb it.

Note: by now, ppl must realise almost everything here has spoilers. DONT READ IF YOU DIDN’T BEAT FUSION!

Samus didn’t “defeat” SA-X. It escaped before Samus could kill her, duh. (No offense)

SA-X died from the Omega Metroid. I think it was attacking the Metroid because Metroids eat parasites, so maybe it was defending itself…

I doubt it, but it makes sense…

Then when SA-X died, it did not want Samus to win. Samus instead jumped into SA-X and absorbed it herself, lol

There can be many explanations to this; the one I just said is one of my most favorites…

Didn’t Adam also say that the X-Parasites had a collective brain or something, that, when they absorbed memories/intelligence, that information would go to the others? Or was it that the info was carried on after it multiplied?

Yeah, he said something like that.

People, SA-X is 10 times more intelligent than Samus will ever be. I beat Metroid Fusion all over again, and not once, but many times, Adam said that SA-X was very intelligent.

So, SA-X is much better that Samus, in body and mind…

…I’d say they are pretty close to equal, except nothing is ever as good as the original, so samus is somehow better :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you just say Samus is better because Samus is controlled by the player and the player is meant to beat enemies? :stuck_out_tongue: