Who else has heard of this?

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me but a very popular pairing of video game characters is Samus-Captain Falcon (to which the people that support this are either blissfully unaware that falcon’s girlfriend is Jody, or enjoy fantasizing). I have no real opinion on this matter, but I figured I’d bring it up and see what all of your thoughts are.

Aside from the fact that they are both bounty hunters, I really see no conection between falcon and samus. I mean, falcon drives a car and wears a bad outfit :laughing: , and samus pilots a ship and wears a bad-ass power suit. I have to ask, where in the world did you get this pairing from? Must be some F-Zero fan’s idea of a fantasy or something. :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, I’m assuming it’s the bounty hunter-ness of them both. I dunno, I’ve seen people think up odder things and post it on the net.

And captain falcon’s dress isn’t stupid.

I actually think it’s pretty funny how both Samus and Captain Falcon are bounty hunters who seem to do very little bounty hunting. They are more akin to generic good guys than mercenaries.

Well, the thing is, the games are always about falcon racing or samus saving a planet so we really have no grounds to judge what they do when they’re not saving soemthing big. You know, it could be pretty cool if they made a game about what falcon does in his off time, possibly with a mission doing system like FFTA…I think it’d be fun to play as falcon on-foot myself, I just hope they wouldn’t take away anything trademark and replace it with something else like they did starfox adventures.

Also, who’s to say she doesn’t get paid for all that damn stuff she finds. I mean why do you think in every game (except the Prime series) you start off with the dinky power suit?

or varia. in any case, yes, she gets paid. I don’t think she’d sell parts of her suit for money either. you don’t find these modules lying on the ground.

Specifically, you find them in crates, on pedastals, in the remains of large monsters killed…Shall I go on?

Even if she did sell them, only someone with a Chozo Modular Suit could use them…

Like I said.

Oh. I thought by modules you meant upgrades. Doh. :blush:

We could easily have meant both. What do you consider the difference, exactly?

:head explodes: Stop confusing me!!! :angry: There isn’t much of a difference, you’re right.

your head a splode!

Isn’t it interesting how topics drift?

You know, M1, M2, MP2, MF, and by a small technicallity Prime as well were all bounty hunts. Why do people say she needs to do more bounty hunting? Every game but SM and Prime was a paid hunt! Of course, she didn’t get paid in Fusion since she kinda, you know, blew up the station, and in Echoes she arrived after the people she was sent to rescue were already dead… but she still succeeded and got paid in the first two games!

As for Falcon… I don’t get him at all. Why would a powerful bounty hunter spend all his free time racing bad guys? Why doesn’t he just run them over or shoot them or something? And to my knowledge only one game featured a story like that at all–all the others seemed to be ‘Falcon enters race because of ____, and his rival is there. Win!’…

Oh, but on topic, I think the pairing came from SSBM. There was a mission of Samus vs Falcon and the name mentioend something about a bounty hunter date, which sparked fan imaginations.

It’s fairly obvious that bit came from SSBM as falcon and samus have never been close to each other anywhere else. No pun intended.

As for falcon I think he just likes racing. As for his rivals, it’s a plot device.

I think Falcon races to get the prize money.

Point; that’s always a plus.

A few thousand credits for winning a few races would definitely be a bounty, just in a different way from Samus.

Hmm…Interesting. On the other hand that’s more of a different profession altogether, but it WOULD be a bounty…

Oooh! and there are prices on the heads of other racers.

Isnt it funny how samus ship looks so much like a f-zero racing car?? :>_>: Its almost as if they made it intentionally because theres a hidden character in f-zero gx called Samus! The ship is the same size as an fzero car! :metroid: :metroid: