who beat the mp2 website?

:smiley: check out my new avatar it really matches my username
it took me a long time to get it the loading was horendous

What’s with your sig? I haven’t seen you do anything wrong.
I resized my avatar to 64x64, now it looks much better.

i used a resource sprite without permission
the phazon blast to be exact.

I see.

so have you beaten the mp2 website

What do you mean with beating the site? All the thing that are on the site are free to be seen, so there’s no way you can ‘beat’ that :confused:

Or did you mean hacking? :>_>:

he’s talking about going through the whole site and scanning 100% of the items :unamused:

I see… yeah, I’m very paranoid :blush:

Well, go ahead beating the site then :wink:

Eeewwww. :O_O:

Did you know there’s a scan glitch that if you close the scan window before it finishes scanning you still get the percent but can continue scanning the same object in that fashion to get an infinite amount of percent?

I got 100% without using that meathod, and therefore “beat” the site.

are you kidding?
i have no idea how that works
the only hacking i know is rom hacking
even then i have a hard time

I “beat” the site without collecting all the items.

Or, you can download all the files here.

I never could find the Wallpaper on the actual site. So I just downloaded it.

Did you look at all the videos? That would have taken a while.
BTW, what was the use of the Echo Visor?

The Echo Visor would locate some hidden scans.

yes I have finishd the hol thing

i cant go further than 98% :cry:

Try searching old rooms with Echo Visor on.

I started the website, but I was on a crappy computer so I lagged out