White and Nerdy!!!!

White and nerdy!!

If you know Ridin by chammilionare, you’ll fall out of your chair.

If you dont…you probably still will.

lmao thats great :slight_smile:

wow thants for sharing thats great.

You want to know what’s funny? I didn’t even budge. Nor did I laugh, or “rofl”, or anything pertaining to responses to comedy. It wasn’t funny. Honestly. I’m not taking offense to being “white and nerdy” because I’m not a Cromagnon douchebag, but seriously, that was the most pointless two minutes and fourty eight seconds of my life.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that I’m so Goddamned tired of that song because they play it over and over and over again on some crappy radio station on the hour long bus ride home.

Wow. Im sorry you didnt find it amusing. Ridin happens to my favorite rap/hip hop song, so i was delighted to see that someone was taking it even further.

Here’s the actual video. It’s even better.
White and nerdy

I don’t really care anyway. The way my school day is patched together just annoys me. Sorry for being harsh.

But seriously, that song is getting really old to me: it’s been playing on the same station at the same time all damn week.

No. Not harsh at all. I dont expect all/any of you to like hip hop. I just found it too amusing to ingore, since i understand 90% of all the jokes in there (the actual video makes it easier to understand).

Not my kind of rap.

The line about being fluent in Javascript as well as Klingon (sp?) made me chuckle, but that’s about it.

Really though, rap isn’t my thing. The only two rap songs that I like are “Loser” and “Hell Yes” both of which are by Beck.

If you really want something that is hard to undertand 90% of, you should listen to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Lol. Never listened to pink floyd, but i’ll check that out. I found the whole drug dealing star wars video thing pretty funny though.


The Weiard AL Music video si better but stil rofl

yeah… wait wats the other one?

It’s the actual video to the song (composed and performed by Wierd Al Yankovich). You can find it on ebaums or newgrounds, just google it.

i wouldnt call it rap, its parody rap. but i happen to like a wide range of music, including rap and i think the real ridin song is good. overused, hell yes. but a good song none the less.

While i do listen mostly to rap (for social reasons), my other three favorite genre’s are orchestra, rock (80’s), and Techno. I think Ridin is possibly the best rap song ever, because of the music and lyrical flow. Weird Al managed to change the words completely to make it funny and clever. I hear his new album has several songs that are re-spins of others, like “Canadian Idiot” (american idiot). While i never buy CDs, this album just might be worth the cash.

oh, it is :smiley:

ps- just about all his song are like that. the only exceptions i can think of are albuquerque and stuck in a drive thru