Which robot is coolest?

which robot should be playable? (and what weapons should they have?)

  • a robot spider (of doom)
  • ride armor, duh!
  • i giant tank…with like 50 weapons!!! b(><)b
  • a mech would be cool!
  • a cyborg…man…thing…
  • something that can fly!
  • whatever it is, it must have a sword!
  • I…kinda dont care… :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I have a better idea!
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for outbreak, there will be multiple robots to play through as (each with multiples paths through the same world, and each with thier own weapons and powers), so of these, which would be best? think of one better? or think of awesome ideas for powers? list them, and they will most likely be in the game!

i picked the mech “rawboot”! (quote from chrono trigger ;p) a rawboot spider would be cool too, but i could only pick one.

I voted “better idea”. I’m no Anime fan, but I still think this mech kicks ass:

VF-1 Valkyrie - It turns into a jet and flies, in space too, it walks, runs, shoots, and does kung foo.
Really, can you ask for more?

y are there 2 better idea votes and only 1 showing what the better idea is? O.O

ah, i dont really stop to ask questions like that, i guess it is assumed that they should list thier better idea (and they should), but i didn’t really say they had to (maybe they had a better idea, but thought it was too good for me, or a metroid attacked them right before they hit the post button on thier idea), meh, who knows? :confused:

Mecha-Space pirate.Why not? :smiley:

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