Which MP2 Item...

Which new item in MP2 would you have liked to see more of?

  • Seeker Missles
  • Dark Visor
  • Echo Visor
  • Screw Attack
  • Annihilator Beam
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I think Retro should have implemented the Echo Visor more. Aside from a few doors, it was practically useless.

Its gota be the annihialator beam! Annihialator is like the awsomest weapon in metroid history!

They should have made more places where you need screw attack. More wall jumping, too. :smiley:

Yeah… The Echo Visor was almost pointless. Why name a game after an item you hardly use?!

I don’t think the game was actually created on the concept of sound and stuff like that. The game was probably named after the fact that Dark Aether and Aether are echoes. The Echo Visor and Annihilator were probably created rather late in development to tie in with the name.

The Dark Visor is the only one of those that got used enough. I think all of those and especially the grapple beam needed more use. The screw attack, while fun to screw around with (hehe pun!), wasn’t needed enough either…

Daz, the question is which new item was used too little.

Probibly the Screw Attack. I don’t think I used it enough, then again I’ve always loved the Screw Attack and constantly used it in the previous Metroid games it was in.

I voted dark visor. I really can’t remember using that thing o.0

Echo Visor. It looked funny.

Funny as in good or suxor?

I loved the way it looked. Was cool :smiley:

funny as in I liked the way it looked.

I love the way the Echo Visor sees. It makes my eyes hurt though. :smiley:

The screw attack isn’t new. The dark visor is just the thermal visor with a new name. The grapple beam changed more than it did, so I can say that if I want! :smiley:

Stupid Retro. :smiling_imp: Always recycling the same items and enemies with different names. :coughwarwaspcough: :coughgrenchlercough:

The screw attack is possibly the funnest item in the game. why must we always enjoy screwing things so much?

could’ve been made a little more like space jump though.

Also, the seeker missiles might be fun for 2D, but I’d have to see how nintendo would do that.

IMO, Retro should have put more fluidity of movement into Screw Attack. It was so painful trying to get the Energy Tank in Meditation Vista, merely because I’d be slightly off to the side or I’d overshoot.

As I said, it could’ve been more like the space jump or maybe have, you know, steering. It also lacked any altitude gaining capabilites whatsoever.

Like the description says? “Use the stick to turn”… Bullshit.

You actually can steer about 5 degrees or so. Not like it really matters…