Which MP2 boss would you most like to...

I just thought this up for fun, so don’t get all excited thinking “omg, p2d might have prime 2 bosses hidden” or something (hm… not a bad idea, though…)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Um… I can’t seem to find the option to make a poll, so just post your choice instead >>;

Bottom right Daz…

Damn it. XD Oh well, I know I’d just miss a boss anyway or run out of choices or something…

Well my answer would have to be Quadraxis. Fighting Giant robots is fun. It made use of lots of abilities and was very tense. A bit too easy but nonetheless a fun and engaging battle. Boost Guardian is 2nd for me for its sheer challenge and 3rd would be Chykka for its stunning design and battle duration.

… This isn’t a “favorite boss” topic. >>;

smites self


Ah well, I said which one’s I’d like anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I would definitely like to see Dark samus in 2D. That would be sweet! :smiley: :smiley:

As long as they don’t pull an SA-X with it, I agree.

Personally, I like the concept of Chykka Addult.

The thign is, half teh bosses in MP2 are begging to be 2D. Spider guardian, Chykka, Amorbis would be dodgy in 2D and so on. Same with prime 1 I think. Funny how even 3D games still use basic 2D ideas for boss battles eh?

I’m sure that a 2D Dark Samus could be made awesome, it would fly all over the place, and glow blue, and have it’s instant shinespark and charge beam and phazon ice spreader attacks. That would totally be an awesome boss to fight in 2D :smiley: :smiley:

That’s a good thing if you ask me… it means they’re sticking to their roots. ^.^

I’d like to see Ing Emperor as a boss in 2D. Though, Caretaker Class Drone might work with a top-down view…

Emperor Ing eh? Heh, he’s a boss in my Megaman fangame, so play that when it’s done and you’ll get your wish, kinda. Naturally he’s a bit different, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me of something I forgot to mention before…
The main point of this topic (besides that it’s a fun thing to think about): whichever boss has the most votes after a certain amount of time… will be recreated in 2d as part of a a minigame in the next Team Delta production! ^.^

Emperor Ing in a Megaman fangame? :confused: Whatever. Wouldn’t Mutated Empy Ing be a bit too easy in a 2-dimensional setting though? How would you get past its legs? Guess I should have really of thought of this before a posted last time.

I’d like to see the Grapple Guardian redone in 3-D. I wonder how they would do the Grapple Beam?

It was a weird Megaman/Metroid crossover…yeah. ^^;

And it was his first tentacled form. I haven’t yet done his second or third, I don’t have a clue how they could work in 2d. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe have the chrysalis rotate so that the new bomb slows show up…

Yh I agree with Daz. The third form would be really hard unlike Primes first form

Aside from how to go past him for the dash, the third form is just begging to be 2d, though. Jumps back and forth, a flashing weakpoint on his face, shoots a ‘shotgun laser’… just like tons of 2d bosses. But how COULD the dash work?

Amorbis, DArk Samus, Adult Chyyka and Spider Guardian :stuck_out_tongue:

All Chykka forms of course, he is the best MP2 boss there is.
Add him and my cat is happy.