Which metroid story would you rather see?

Which Metroid Game Story(ies) would you like to see?

  • A game before the original/Zero Mission (Prime)
  • A game before the original/Zero Mission (2d)
  • A game directly inbetween Super Metroid and Fusion (Prime)
  • A game directly inbetween Super Metroid and Fusion (2d)
  • A game after Fusion (Prime)
  • A game after Fusion (2d)
  • A game explaining just HOW Samus became the galaxy’s most powerful bounty hunter. (Prime)
  • A game explaining just HOW Samus became the galaxy’s most powerful bounty hunter (2d)
  • All of them! They all sound like awesome ideas!
  • Multiple
  • Other
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Note for choice 3- Fusion takes place 7 years or so after Super Metroid, right? (Yeah, I’m pretty sure… :neutral_face:)-

Explanation of choices 6 and 7- This story would be based on the manga of the story. (Would be very diffferent from other metroid games, but might still be cool)-* If you want more than one game, vote ‘multiple’, and tell me which ones.
[] If you choose ‘Other’, than tell me what it is.[list][/:m][/list:u][hr][/hr]I would most like to see a game inbetween Super And Fusion, (doesn’t matter what kind (prime or 2d))

I’d like to see one inbetween Super and Fusion

one after fusion would be fun to see

After fusion cause I like to see what happend to the fusion suit, I hope it dissapears cause I really like the power suit better…

I would like to see a game inbetween Zero Mission and Metroid 2 (yes I know both, probably all three, MP’s are inbetween them). Samus still knows that the Space Pirates are on the loose, and still needs to find some of their bases to destroy. It also opens up great opportunity for Samus to find new Chozo cities and such, since space pirates seem to like to build their bases on/under the ruins of old civilizations.

Haha, really anything new is going to be good! As long as the games keep coming, I’m happy

A game set after Fusion. With some reference as to how Samus acquired her recent armor and weaponry. Too much background has the possibility of crushing the imaginary fan-based backstories though.

Other. I wanna play as a space pirate. >_>

Wouldn’t expect anything else from you, Daz.


Option 5: Post Fusion 3D game. Personally, I think that would be pretty sweet.

2-d game after fusion. It’s like Samus just disappears or something.

Also Dazzy’s idea of space pirate game would be cool. Maybe there could be Moons and Metroids like in that one very funny fanfic on SCU.

I would love to see a 2d game that takes place after fusion … continue the 2d metroid series. See how pissed off the feds are at her for blowing BSL up.

By the way, on the metroid timeline … where are prime and prime 2? That always confuses me.

there right inbetween metroid 1 and 2(well, actually, more like zm, but thats not the point)

ive always wondered how samus became the bounty hunter of the century :confused:

Prime takes place some time between ZM and M2, and Echoes’ time is actually unknown, but most place it right after Prime. Still, Hunters is between MP and echoes, and it seems like it should take place after Super due to several things, so I’m starting to doubt our Echoes placement.

Prime is before Fusion, I’m pretty sure. And Prime is after Metroid/Zero Mission. Prime is either after or before Metroid 2, but I’m pretty sure the Primes are before Super Metroid.

I dunno.

I think the MP2:E Demo Disc had an official timeline…

ok, here’s how it goes
metroid 1
metroid zm
metroid prime
metroid prime 2 echoes
metroid 2 ros
super metroid
one more
and metroid fusion
and i don’t know where hunters is, cuz i haven’t been paying any attention to that game

Me well i think that there should be before Samus became a bounty hunter like lets say her “childhood” and how they crashed on the orignal Chozo home planet where she learnt their ways of life and the use of their gods mystic weapon (the Gravity suit)

yeah, that would be cool. Is someone still working on MP2:E 2D?

Mp2(D): Echoes is going to be the next project for team SCU. After p2d is done.

Really, WOW!!! but thats really a ways off, eh? Hopefully the progress will speed up, and im sure that P2D will be out before MP4 comes out, lol (even though there probably will not be one.)