Where my Samus.co.uk OGs at?

Hi, everyone! Been a very long time since I used this handle! I was surprised to find I still had a profile here. After rediscovering Prime2d 15 years later, a flood of memories is coming back to me.

I thought I’d make a thread to draw out any original Samus.co.uk community members and catch up. Andrew Mills, the owner/operator of the now-defunct site messaged me here, so I know there’s gotta be more of you out there!

So yeah, I’m Kellan [MetroidHandler (MH)] from the SCU forums and original Prime2D team. Now 31, working as a director at Powerhouse Animation studios in Austin, TX. How about you?

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As MH stated, I’ve poked my head out of a Metroid Prime Secret World long enough to say hello and that it was genuinely heartwarming to see so many old-school SCU members here.

While I’ll always be sad at stopping updates to Samus.co.uk, I have deeply fond memories of being “So in teh Varia!” :wink: Amazing forum threads, post-nightclub, 3am (UK-time), drunken weekend IRC chats, website banner updates, Secret World traversal guides, the Metroid In Motion DVD sets (which I still have the master copies to), and more. <3

Any old-timers up for a - long overdue - group video chat?

omg IRC chats! I feel like I LIVED in IRC for 3 or 4 years of my life. :joy:

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obligatory “I can’t believe I remembered my password to this 16 year old account”

Hello fellow Texan! Though I don’t live there anymore. I checked out Powerhouse Animation’s demo reals, impressive stuff! I’ve actually seen “The Greatest Race” bit that was done for New Balance. I work for Nike and it was making the rounds on Slack a while ago.

As for me, I’m about to turn 34. One of the first forums I joined on the internet was SCU, when I was 17. That is pretty insane to think about. Shortly after, I joined the MP2D forum. I was more active over here as the fangame threads were really hot back then. I was also part of MHQ staff for a long time and participated in 10 years of Metroid marathons for charity. Since my last post on this forum, I’ve lived in 4 different states, got married to my high school sweetheart, had a daughter, bought a house, and worked on 100 too many (unfinished) video game projects.

It goes without saying that these communities were a big part of my life. The very reason I got into programming was because of all the awesome Metroid fan game projects that gave me so much inspiration. I’m now a principle software architect working for a fortune 100 company. Looking back, never would I have imagined my life would lead me to where it has, which in a lot of ways is due to this community. Not going to call out names but I have made some very close friends for life through here.

I do feel like a video chat or something of the sort would be akin to a high school reunion. I never went to mine, as most of my friends back then were on the internet (IRC and forums). Now that is kind of how everyone is. I guess we were pioneers.


We are the remaining forces of a time long gone. United by one single goal, rid the galaxy of space pirates and metroids. It is still baffling that my password work since '05.
The New Chozo Force! lol… (i like the sound of that now that i think about it…)

Oh neat! I directed and animated on that piece! I’ve directed a good chunk of all non-tv-series content the company has put out in the last 5 years or so.

My memory never serves me these days, but I’m sure we’ve crossed paths before with the timeline you laid out. Glad that you’re doing well for yourself and happy!

Didn’t see this topic until over a month later but hello. I’m still around, lurking on the Internet. Became a software engineer, helped start an annual Metroid charity marathon, moved from Texas to California, and just still all around hang out and play games with friends online. I’d also be down for a group call or something or other if we get enough interest–it’s been nice to see familiar names and faces.