Where is it?

Where is the site for Metroid Legends 1?
Please tell me. The other people ignored me…

1–No emoticon spam.
2–Wrong section… although I don’t know what the right section is.
3–What’s Metroid Legends? I don’t know where to move this to until I know that >_>;
4–Try Googling it?

I think it’s a fangame made by Dragon Daz, but I ain’t too positive on Dragon making it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you know now where to put it.

Roge-o. Moving.

I know it won’t work because someone made it.

E-- No double posting, either. -_-

i remember a fan game called metroid legends, there was 2 of them and i think the 3rd was going to be online

You can find the topic on the second page of the fangames here.

and the site for Metroid Legends is HERE it is probably the most fun fangame i have ever played.

The game is INCREDIBLE.

I wonder why KamagaLegends doesnt come here anymore… :cry:

thanx :smiley: hugs