where in the story is mp hunters?

k ive been trying to figure out for a while where in the story of metroid is metroid prime hunters

the order is like this:

metroid/metroid zero mission
metroid prime
metroid prime 2
metroid 2 return of samus
super metroid
metroid fusion

k samus still has her ship from metroid prime so that rules out metroid prime 2 and everything past it, i sorta think metroid prime hunters is after metroid/zero mission because she gets all her powers in metroid/ zero mission

am i right?
(and does metroid prime pinball fit anywhere in the story?)

metroid/metroid zero mission
metroid prime/metroid prime pinball
metroid prime 2
metroid 2 return of samus
super metroid
metroid fusion

MPH is between MP and MP2.

As for MPP, I think it’s a pinball remake of MP, but I’m not sure.


Metroid/ Zero Mission
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime Hunters
Metroid Prime 2
Metroid Prime 3
Return of Samus
Super Metroid

Hunters is after Prime but before Echoes, and Pinball is just a pinball version of Prime.

Is exactly right.Why did nintendo make it out of order?

Because the original trilogy was standalone at Yokoi’s death, then Retro wanted to make prequels alongside Nintendo’s sequel, so they did. Then it went all to hell from there.

I thought the storyline was like this:

metroid/zero mission
metroid 2:return of samus
super metroid
metroid prime/pinball
metroid fusion
metroid prime 2 echoes
metroid prime 3 corruption,

and metroid prime hunters is just this random game that has nothing to do with the prime series, i think it was just made for multiplayer experience.
And why is it called metroid PRIME hunters when theres nothing about prime. :confused:

a real metroid/prime game should have these stuff in it:

  1. metroids
  2. space pirates
    3.metroid prime

damn i think my post took to much space… EDIT
thats better

and heres a link to the officall metroid storyline:metroid.eu

if fusion was b4 prime 2 and 3, then why arent you in a fusion suit in 2/3?

nope, thats all out of order >.>

  1. yes, all metroid games have in some way metroids in them

  2. um…space pirates are not really required in a metroid game, they make little influence within metroid fusion, and original metroid (they themselves), not to mention little use in other games (super).

3.??? wtf…lol, metroid prime is only in 1 metroid game…thus deserves no credit at all.

Metroid prime is in metroid prime 2 echoes. Metroid prime is dark samus.
i will explain.

in the end of metroid prime, prime takes samus’ phazon suit. Metroid prime found
some of samus’ DNA in it, wich made prime fit in the suit. if you beat the game at 100%, in the ending you see a pile of phazon (were metroid prime was defeated)
and a hand of the phazon suit sticks out of the phazon and prime 3rd eye is in the hand, dark samus is created. And when you beat dark sanus 3rd time, it looks kinda like her suits get of and you see her 3rd eye.

heres a video:Metroid prime 2 100% ending

heres a video of creation of dark samus:Prime ending

and samus gets the power suit in the ending of fusion

  1. Wrong. MPH had none at all, MP2 had very few–and they had nothing to do with the story, MF had none fightable and they only showed up in a tiny cutscene (well, and as a pathetic final boss who was basically an unlosable battle).

  2. M1, M2, MPH had none. MP2, MF had very few.

  3. He said these were things required in a Prime game, however. So it doesn’t really matter. Although you’re wrong anyway about all three points, so I corrected you anyway. (Seeing as Prime is in three)

And, uh, chozo dude… where the hell did you get that idea from? In the ending of Fusion you can clearly see that she just has an orange Fusion Suit. There is no power suit in the game save in the intro and in the form of SA-X.

Really??? Its been a long time since ive played metroid fusion but i knew i wouldnt forget that, but i did :confused: Oh well know i remeber. Thanks daz for reminding me. BTW, at the end of fusion when you fight the omega metroid, sa-x rescues you :confused: i think…

i didn’t consider it a rescue i just thought sa-x wanted to kill omega its self for power

OKAY so its

metroid/metroid zero mission
metroid prime/metroid prime pinball
metroid prime hunters
metroid prime 2: echoes
metroid prime 3:corruption
metroid 2: return of samus
super metroid
metroid fusion


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Anyways, it’s:

Metroid/Metroid: Zero Mission
Metroid Prime/Metroid Prime Pinball/MP2D
Metroid Prime Hunters
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Metroid 2: Return Of Samus
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion




Metroid 2: return of samus should be second after metroid/zero misssion

Second after?

You mean like it’s after Prime?

Or do you mean directly after Metroid?

derectily after metroid/zero mission

gunpei only wrote a teeny bit of Metroid prime,he died really soon after production started if i remember.
anyway,metroid prime takes place before metroid 2,thats official.here is a basic story line:
the initial mission
the phazon struggle
the battle for the ultamate power(here prime means "most powerful"in my opinion,like M:PH instead of MP:H)
kill all the metroids
saving the last metroid
X parasites and the aftermath of BSL

Metroid Zero mission
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime:hunters
Metroid Prime2:echoes
Metroid Prime3:corruption

Metroid2:return of samus
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion