where i can find that log..

where the pirates explain what is the dark samus, man, i played 3 times looking for this log,scaned everthing that i could and nothing, do i have to play in the hard mode to find it?

You’ll have to be more specific <_< But no, the logs don’t change on hard mode…

once somebody said to me that a pirate log explain that dark samus is the result of a fusion: metroid prime + phazon suit, that happens in the end of mp1, well, i searched this log as mickey search a cheese and NOTHING, does it realy exist? wheeeere? wheeeeeeere? please?

No log ever says that, pirate or otherwise. Nothing in the game directly states that at all. The pirates think Dark Samus IS Samus, just with a new suit. The closest the game comes is stating that DS contain’s the DNA of Samus, and wears a modified copy of the Varia Suit. Retro stated in an interview that that was her origins, and the 100% endings of both games work together to assert this, but the game never directly says it in a scan of any sort.

oh, thanks for the explanation, then someone here in the forum are reeeal mistaked

Got_Metroid??? Posted: Dec 19 2005, 03:37 AM

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Dark Samus is Metroid Prime. Dark Samus was born through Metroid Prime absorbing the Phazon Suit and using it as he skin. Dark Samus came to aether because of the abundance of phazon. and Dark Samus came to aether by teleporting herself. (Yes, Dark Samus a.k.a Metroid Prime is capable of teleporting. Tt says so in the Pirate Logs)

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Exactly, but not in any logs. We just have to wait until MP3! LOL MP3!!!111!!1!!1!!11!!
And that is a double post.

Yes, someone in the forum was mistaken… And it wasn’t Got_Metriod???. You misread his statement. He was referring to “Metroid Prime is capable of teleporting” when he mentioned the logs.

i finaly undestood what happened, thank you all XD