where can i find

(not exactly sure where this goes)
i am making a metroid engine and i need music for red brinstar,green brinstar,and some
battle music(kraid’s would be best),and some SFX.they need to be like the symphony of samus songs,in quality(as in the real deal,not some fakes).i would use SOS songs but i dont know if im allowed to and game maker sucks with MP3s.please help.the songs also need to loop,not fade like the SOS songs.

ive been searching for stuff like that for a while

cant be MP3? how about midi? im not sure but have you checked metroid metal?

He needs MP3s for the songs that loop without unique intros in the beginning and fading out at the end. In other words, he needs a simple sound editing program so he can cut off the songs to make them loop like they do in-game.
Edit: If you really want a simple one, try Sound Recorder (if you happen to have it, it’s probably: windows folder, system folder, sndrec32.exe). It’s not that great, but it can get the job done if you’re desperate.

And btw, the Metroid Metal MIDIs are just a few VGmusic MIDIs put there so people can hear what the original songs sort of sound like…

I’m going to make them into my metroid engine gamepolay demo,I will credit the person who found them and the person who made them.I need midis or wavs to prevent oversize and lag,they must loop and sound good.If theyre super metroidy would be good,so It would help if they were those songs,or if I could fi9nd a mic and Zero mission tiles or colors(I can count pixels on LCD screens :slight_smile: ) I could try recording them through sound test and credit myself.
SO if I find good colors to use when ripping tiles from Zero mission,I might use 'em.
EDIT:gonna switch to zero mission

You ask the impossible.

You simply cannot get MP3 quality out of a midi, and wavs tend to be even bigger unless used for sound effects.

If you want quality at a relatively small size, you use MP3. If you want small, you use midi. And that’s about it.

You cannot get SOS-quality in a small format. The size is WHY it’s so good quality.

I mean so its not some bleepy song,if it sounds like the normal song its good.And if you can get wavs they’re good too.MP3s don’t work with game mkaer as you should know.
EDIT:gonna check VGmusic
EDIT:EDIT:the chozo statue theme for zero mission is perfect!

Midi quality depends on your soundcard. They ARE bleepy to most people. If you want it to sound like the normal song for everyone, you need an MP3. And wavs are not good. They’re fricking huge.

OK now, MY project NEStroid has a problem… I ACNT FIND MATCHING MIDIS!
The metroid1 music was bleepy, so I want clones(or close to matches) of the songs please, possibly sounds too.

A google search for “Metroid MIDIs” is giving me quite a few Metroid MIDIs. >_>

But just go here and scroll down to Metroid. There’s usually about 1 accurate MIDI per song on that list. Just find the one you want, and maybe use some simple MIDI editing software to change the instruments to be more NES-sounding, too. (some use brass, piano, and other instruments in place of NES leads)

Where can you find 3D Zebes pictures? I wan’t to see them, please!

Where can I find Metroid Prime Pinball MP3’s?

Mabye you should start your own thread. And Personally, I doubt you could find 3d zebes pictures, since Zebes has never been made in 3d.

Check SCU forum, in Symphony of samus. If it’s still open, they might have MP3s from Pinball.

What do yu mean by “start your own thread”?

Create a new topic.

I have Symphony of Samus already and no Metroid Prime Pinball songs.

I have Symphony of Samus already. No Metroid Prime Pinball songs. Where can I find them?

Ugh, spammy enough? I guess you’re not technically breaking any rules…

Anyway, Metroid Prime Pinball songs are all just lower-quality MIDI versions of Metroid Prime songs. And those are on Symphony of Samus. There’s only one original song in Pinball, the Brinstar remix, and I think you can find it on the MPH music page of Metroid Database. Just be warned that they have a really bad file download system there…