When will this be done?

When is mp 2d going to finish? I’m not asking them to rush or anything (like my opinoin would matter). I just want a vauge relaese date. It seems We’ve been waiting years.

When it’s done. Nobody knows… P2d is still in progress, it will be done some day…

The Alpha demo, if not the complete demo, should be finished by New Years. DF is making good progress on his engine, so I’ve heard. The BG’s are being done by Sloth and I, and the pirates are almost done, so Daz can take his time with those.


I have a feeling it’s gonna be soon… If everyone get’s off their butts and starts working (not complaining… I know you guys have lives) We’d make some mojor progress…

Right now I’m gonna make a sprite of Master Chief Spartan 117…

It’s gonna suck… But… I’ll still try…

EDIT: I tried… gave up after a few pixles… uhm… I’m just gonna pass this idea on…

What does that have to do with anything? <_<

And for your information, we ARE making major progress. We have less than 10 rooms to finish BGing in the frigate, and we have all sprites needed, aside from Daz’s pirates. MH needs to do his cutscenes. That is all.

-Sloth and I will finish the BG’s by the end of the month.
-Df’s engine will be good enough for an alpha by the end of next month.
-Daz will get off his rear-end and finish his last few poses by next month. <_<;;
-MH is who concerns me. So far we haven’t had any progress at all from him. >_>

So yeah, by New Years.

Hey, I got an idea M072. If MH doesn’t have the cutscenes ready by the time you guys get everything else done, why don’t you just make ingame cutscenes with the sprites, etc. That would be more than good enough for an alpha demo.

Well, Sloth and I put together a magnificant frigate for the use of the opening cutscene, but MH deserves his rights of time. If they aren’t done by Mid-december, or atleast not close to being done, then we’ll through in a little somethin’.

BTW, I would show you the frigate, but the link seems to be broken at the moment…

That’s what you want, but I cannot guarantee that. I’m taking a break till november, remember?

oh yeah, WE REMEMBER.
pulls out a flash light and attempts to be scary

Hey, you’re physics could support a game as it is. Programming the PQ and enemies is another story. Well, I hope you come back soon. We have a deadline now. Something to work for. It is definately helping BG wise. But take your time getting things straight. Well, not TOO much time, but…


Ah, nevermind.



There it is.

Boy, it’s awsome what you can do in paint…I can’t wait for this game, man!

I think is going to be done in June

Nope, I want this to be done before may 1 2007. And by the looks of it, I’m well on my way :slight_smile:

Wow, this topic is from 2005 >_>

Wow, good job bringing back an ancient topic >_>.

I’m hoping that is dead accurate.

Rofl, the return of the evil topics from beyond 2006.

What happened to the site www.mp2d.co.uk/index?

Mills took it down, I guess. Hopefully it’s backed up so we can host it elsewhere once SCU dies.


The website is not lost, the domain name is gone however.
Damn it, Mills could at least have given me a warning a few days in advance, now noone will know the alternative adress >_>

If the SCU is dead than is that the end of Mtroid Prime 2D full game?