When this is done

When P2D is finished, are you even going to think about MP2E2D??? :confused:

Just out of spite, I think I’m gonna do my best to delay it one month for everyone who asks this question again and again and again despite it being in the damn FAQ.

By now, we’ve chalked up… let’s see…

Aw, shucks. Looks like it’s not gonna happen after all.

I think is going to be done before May :confused:

it seems somebody has a brain disorder…

in case you didnt understand daz’s post, metroid, they will NOT make mp2:e2d. in fact, P2d might not even get done.

I’d made fun of Metroid so much in my sig… but one quote is enough, i need space for Daz’s quotes :smiley:. BTW Metroid DF’s engine is gone after demo.