When did you hear of Metroid?

When did you first hear of Metroid?

  • 1986-1990 (metroid/metroid2)
  • 1991-1995 (supermetroid)
  • 1996-2000 (dark age)
  • 2001-2005 (metroid renissance)
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I first encountered Metroid when my friend showed me his new gameboy with Metroid2 game.
Afterwards, I got Super Metroid and I was instantly hooked.

I heard about it first time I played Super Smash Bros…never had a chance to play the games until around 2002.

When I played super metroid… :smiley: :smiley:

I had an old Godzilla game with an ad for SM in the manual, and I saw that it had a giant awesome dragon. Didn’t know a thing about it beyond that.

Later on I found the comic in NP, and decided to read it because I liked ragons. I saw that it was about pirates.

I was confused beyond belief and decided that since I hated real pirates (…), that I’d hate Metroid too.

Years later, I found Bob and George, whihc inspired me to play Megaman games. Loved 'em. People started comparing them to Metroid.

Meanwhile, I’d begun to quite enjoy using Samus in SSBM.

I decided to give it a shot anyway, deciding “well, at least I get to SHOOT the pirates ^_^”. >_>;

So I picked up a copy of SM, and was hooked.

Got M2, awesome.

Got MF, and started realizing how abysmal SM was.

Got MP, and my life is now infinitely better thanks to that gem. xD

And… uh… well, aside from getting the rest of the games since and stuff, that’s about it.

Even though i had played the SM rom before, the only real time i got hooked was when a friend of mine bought MP. Hooked immediatly.

i first played mp at a target(it was a demo) and couldn’t figure out how to activate the red dots on the second force field in the beginning, but i still thought it was awesome. when i got a gamecube, i got it as the game for it

i had played super metroid when i was a lad at my cousins house and i loved metroid forever more


Like many other people, I first heard of it from Super Metroid.I think I’ve had it ever since… 1994 :confused:?

Metroid. When 8-bit stood at the top of the hill as king. With it’s mind numbing graphics and acoustic wonderment of sound. Metroid. Not ‘Metroid I’, I say. Just Metroid. Before the franchise symbiote latched hold and propelled a small girl named Samus starward towards unknown terrors and unimagined glory.

I bought super metroid, but after playing Super Smash Bros., which is actually when I first heard of samus. I was never actually into metroid until I saw my uncle playing Prime after its release, and the fact that my uncle seemed so good (at the time I was all thumbs with FPS’s.) made the game seem all the more great. We stayed up all night playing it, which by morning I, like anyone, would have fallen in love with the game. The game now ofcourse doesn’t seem nearly as great as it did back then. Ingnorance is bliss… :neutral_face:

i heard of metroid on my birthday when i got the new platinum game cube. hen i was playing i hit my head because i fell and i said,“ouchkabibal!!!”

I had heard of Metroid through EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly). And they were making this whole big deal about Metroid Prime, and listed Super Metriod as the best game ever in their top 100 best games. So I was like, okay, this might be cool. So like any good person I went out and bought a SNES, Metroid, Metroid 2, and Super Metroid, and most definetly did not download an emulators and ROMs of them all. I didn’t really get into Metroid (never really did, it’s actually pretty lame), and Metroid 2 was very confusing to me at the time, but I loved Super Metroid. Come Christmas, I got a Gamecube and Metroid Prime and have loved the series ever since.