what's you're favourite metroid?

what’s you’re favourite metroid?

  • metroids
  • hunter metroids
  • fission metroids
  • alpha metroid
  • gamma metroid
  • omega metroid
  • metroid prime
  • plasma beam metroids
  • wave beam metroids
  • ice beam metroids
  • power beam metroids
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comon everyone likes metroids (suck my energy out will ya! will ya!)

I like zetas. Why aren’t they on the poll? I’m also fond of infants and darks, but they aren’t either. :frowning:

Why are all four fisisons separate entries? Fission covers all four. Can you please remake this with the fixed options? :wink:

grumbles about stupid uneditable polls and how SCU lets mods edit them