whats a ".rar" file

alot of games i download are .rar files…what are they and how do i make em work?

It’s a type of compression file, like ZIP. I don’t use it, however, and so I don’t kow how to get your hands on one. It shouldn’t be that hard to Google it, though.

Get WinRar. Now.

Get WinRar and disregard the 40 day shareware crap. Its just like WinZip, use it after its expiration date and no one cares.

yay now i can play all those games=)

yeah, i have to admit, winrar is a great program. love how its freeware, AND you can make a compressed folder with it too. has lots of options.

umm. thanks for sharing…my questions answered…if a mod/admin happens to read this, lock it :slight_smile: