what would happen if...

who’d win?

I’d say the dark samus would win but thats just cause I like her better. :slight_smile:

The SA-X, because Samus is easily capable of defeating Dark Samus in MP2 (It really wasn’t that hard). The SA-X has all of Samus’s powers, so it would be equally, if not more capable of defeating Dark Samus.

Dark Samus, because —Spoilers—

she’s Metroid Prime and SA-X is an X, and since Metroids are the predators of the X she wins.

Oh yeah. Lost my sense of logic there. Good thinking.

dark samus wins because dark samus is cool

Yeah, you better believe i’m cool. That SA-X wouldn’t stand a chance. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing:

The SA-X is such a dumbass how could it possibliy win.

Thinks of the Stupid SA-X Series.

The SA-X is not a dumbass, just a victim of bad programming. And if they got in a fight, they would just shoot each other. Nobody would win.

okay… The Programmers are dumbasses.

Actually, I think you’re a dumbass for saying that. Computer AI is one of the hardest tasks for a programmer.

Very true. I mean, it could take me some time if I made a boss with no recognizable pattern.

I mean, look at Ridley in Super Metroid. How did they do his AI like that?? It must have taken months or years to program it!

It does take a long time to program anything. Im just saying that if the programmers had just added some extra programming in some places the SA-X would be flawless. Which it isnt.

If the SA-X were flawless, we’d never be able to escape it in those parts of Metroid Fusion where we have to dodge and run.

If DS was fighting a flawless SA-X, DS would trip. The end.
And don’t flame me for that.

If the SA-X was flawess, metroid Fusion would lose about 75% of its Comedic Luster.

Not just 75%, all of it.

No…The whole X idea was kind of funny in the begginig (You almost got killed by a X… So now somehow a dumb metroid saved your life…But wait we jsut threw your suit parts away and now a X that looks like U is killing us!!!)

…how is that funny at all?

And no metroid saved you… it was a vaccine…

Well technically it was the hatchling’s DNA that saved Samus since that’s what the vaccine was made out of. So in a sense I can see how the Metroid saved her. But I really don’t see how that’s funny at all…