What We Hate the Most! (Relations' Topic)

I’m not sure if this idea was ever taken…if so, just do whatever…i don’t want to spam…basically just post what you hate the most…try to not to dp, tp, etc…just post as much as you want…(not all at once)…Jut let it out, punks!

I hate my Math teacher…math is my favorite subject, but this guy just ruins it…he’s gay…acts all smart…doesn’t know anythin…a lot of times we have to correct him, he gets mad, and acts like we are wrong…and starts screaming! OMG! I HATE HIM! SORRY! GONNA TAKE IT OUT ON MY KEYBOARD:


ahhh…sorry…feel much better…my inner - noob has been released…w0ot!!11!!!1

Hypocrisy. Ignorance. Disloyalty.

And forum n00bs. ;D

Amen…did you say “Forum N00bs”? Did you mean anybody in particular?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use "!"s too much…really makes me seem like a really big noob…I’m not really a forum n00b, ya know…I’ve owned a few myself…registered for tons…mostly Flash animation forums…I may have barely posted here, but this is the most posts I think I’ve ever made in a forum…this thing rules…just because I’ve never seen a Metroid Sprite Forum…it seems weird to me, but I’m into it…I love this…I’m really just a sprite n00b…I donno, yo…I’m typing, knowing that because I am just editing, it will not increase my posts…basically I am typing just for fun and no other reason…I gotta go to school…it’s like 7:37 here…so, pce out…

people who tok like this i meen isnt it annoying u like cant tell wut im even saying

Umm…I knows…I can’t stand it…same with IM n00bs…they just suck…and people like animation n00bs…they just…suck! I mean esspessially pivot…n00bs in pivot need help…honestly…that’s why the have that “Adopt - A Noob - Foundation” thing…


LOL - “knows”…I mean “know”

Yes, I did. People like Da Masta and Awesometroid. Not you. xP

Hey saying the word HATE is harsh! Any way I HATE DAZ… just kidding, lol. Anyway what I really hate is people who are mean and not mercifull, and racism, and pop tarts that are cold after three seconds heating up in the micro wave!!! :imp:

qoute by me… "I have two things in a pile stated Must Die NOW/VERY SOON"those things would be…

My RAMless comp and EMO

Lol, I know how you feel…at leaste, I used to…this comp is fast as what! Lol, I know most of this stuff is normal to hate… :E

im another person who likes math(sort of),but my damn math teacher is from Philiphines.she got a big accent and sometimes i hav no clue what she said.My English and Science teachers are going to be absent
for weeks,so i hav to stay with gay subs.8th grade really sucks.
I asked my SS teacher to get water and hes like “We dont do this in my class” so I was dehydrating for 90 min.My health teacher is a pervert,the only thing he talks about is sex.So this is what I hate…btw
I also hate being 8,000 miles away from my best friend and gf…
My life sucks.lol

Aww… the grade 8er has a girl friend, lol. wait till you get to the 9th grade, kid, it is going to be much, MUCH harder, trust me.

not really,I mean u can skip school

Lol, I have no idea what eighth grade is like…I’m in 7th…I’m scared, now…and lol for your health teacher, lol. Are you kidding? That would be funny if my health teacher was like that. “Now this is an example of foreplay. Sue, come here and let us show the class…”

also being in 7th grade i would like to… um, say nothing

Don’t you mean Do masta, Du Masta and De Masta?:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I hate llamas (of course) and intelligence (no, really!) Seriously though, I

hate lying, people who don’t take the time to spell, and people who think of fun as “haxorzing.”

Why is a lama in your avatar then, if you hate them so much, well back to topic I hate the Rev’s peice-o-S**T controller.

Lol, amen…I say “amen” a lot…I do in real life…I say “dude” and “you know?” a lot also…w/e…I hate everything…except Metroid ^^

P.S. and life, and girls and me, and this forum, and computers and my family, and God, and Earth, and everything is space, and everything in my house, and pools, everything on earth, EXCEPT my math teacher…

P.S.S Llamas are cool, I guess

Just because it’s different? I personally love the idea. Did you even read about what it’s capable of? Or did you just look at the pictures and hate it for it’s remote-like appearance?

Which reminds me of another thing I hate. Biased gamers. “WTF DIFFERENT SUX”

Indeed. I feel quite the opposite. I’m more in favor of the revo because it’s different. Unlike good ol’ PS3, which the only thing greater on it will be the graphics and the price. :unamused: