What was your first video game?

My very first video game was Super Mario World, this game with my first Snes. I would play that thing non-stop. By the end of the day my eyes would be completly red.

My first VG was…Uhh…I think it was Super Mario Bros. for NES.

Pitfall (by Activision) for the Atari 2600. Not that I remember it much. Just know that I played it before any other videogame.

Mario bros. for NES and tetris for tetris

PS u wont see me for a while now until Sep 10…SEE YA

The original Super Mario Bros, for the Nintendo. We got one when I was five. But the first really rememberable game I played was Mega Man 2. I friggin loved that game. Too bad it took me like 6 years before I ever got to Quickman. Those lazers were flippin mean.

There’s already a topic for this, guys.


That never gets old. :slight_smile: