What was the scariest moment of your life?

Mine would have to be when I woke up after a procedure in the OR, after being under anasthetic. And I couldn’t move. I was scared to death.

I had a breathing tube down my throat. I couldn’t even blink. You can’t imagine how awful that is.

A few minutes later, they had managed to fix the problem and I was slowly able to move again, and the breathing tube was removed, thank God.

It turns out that my body had what’s called a “cholinesterase deficiency” - my body couldn’t break down the anasthetic in my bloodstream fast enough because it didn’t have a certain type of enzyme, leaving me concious on the table but paralyzed. Thanks to the ventilator, though, I could breathe. It was horribly scary, though. I thought I was dying.

I had one HELL of a headache afterwards, though.

What’s your scariest experience?

when my mom stepped on two nails.at first i thought my mom was dying when she came in hobbling in and uttering moans.she wouldn’t answer anything i asked. that was pretty scary!

my one was…when i had a resident evil nighmare…man…that was just the scaryest thing ever,even when i waked up,i still could’nt even move because of the fear

Whoa. I had a Mario dream like that when I first played bowser on Super Mario 64 (I was 5 so bowser would be scary and it was my first video game) I played him and he beat me evry time. With those crushing jaws and when he jumped back up without getting hurt, that was scary I was really scared. I thaught he was invincible. I had a dream that he came and destroyed my house, killed my family and was hiding in dark corners with goombas evrywhere. I had no where to go. Now I look back at it and think it was sorta funny… lol scary goombas!

was a joke? or is realy serious? a mario dream? whoa,strange hehe but i know,when we are childreen or mind works diferent, i had a dream with zelda majoras mask, i was on termina field,in the night of the third day, the sky was red and the moon was gigantic… and…i dont know why,but i felt soooo good in there…i lyied on the grass and just relaxed… strange


yhea, that site is a lot of funny hahahah,plus it gaved me an idea of what amercian kids think (is not too diferent from the brazilian also,seems that kids toughs are universal )

You’re telling me, Knuckle. Good 'ol whacky kid logic :smiley:.

I suppose the Goombas WOULD seem scary to a young child… I mean, they’re brown mushrooms with angry faces and fangs. If that won’t werid a young child out, not much will XD.

By the way, while we’re on the topic, there’s this really neat site called I Used To Beleive, which hosts thousands of zany children’s beleifs like that one. It’s hilariously funny. The URL is: http://www.iusedtobeleive.com

(By the way, I’m not advertising - I’m just linking to a funny site.)

well mine is weird…once i thought that my cat was the Exercist(scariest thing ever…besides the girl from “The Ring”)

shoot, that is tough

the scarriest thing that ever happened to me was when a goat chased me down a dirt road. he had like HUGE horns and was making that scary goat noise.


spiders are cool,how are they scary?

I’d say Hippos are the scariest animals they are the most danderous and can snap a crocodile in half.

Sends a tiny ass spider at you that crawls into your stomach and lays 30,000 tiny eggs in your stomach that EXPLODE into huge mofo spiders that play poker inside your exploded body and use your eyeballs as lampshades

I dunno, how are they scary?


They have knives, too.

Hippos dont attack Crocks do they? Didnt think they did.
I have had so many scary moments, I dont even want to bother
mentioning them.

Um… your opinion kinda isn’t universal. Just because you beleive something doesn’t mean that everyone else automatically does so as well.

ok, here we go:

it was 7.00 AM on a winter and I was heading for the buss
I have to go through a forest to get there, and then, I felted someone punching me ones on the back, I looked over my shoulders to see who it was, but no one was there. then I started to run as hell to the bus-station, I even got tears in my eyes.

I guess it’s now me but, My little brother ran in to my room crying the night after I bought Resident Evill 4.

Like I said with the goombas…

Resident Evil 4 is a a game filled with zombies, guns, life-threatening moments, and all around creepy things. If that won’t weird a little kid out, nothing will! XD

Reminds me of the story I heard about a toddler who thought that the sounds he heard from his rooms (gunshots etc) were ghosts. In reality, it was his older brother up late on the GameCube. XD He nearly wet his pants!

May lil bro’s like 13. No jk, he’s 6.

mine was like this:

                   At 01:00 at night i was trying to sleep when i heard something particular on the wooden roof of my house. it was footsteps. yep, someone had been walking over my houses roof. and im sure it wasnt a crack that wood ocassionally makes. they were clear footsteps. luckily my house had iron bars for safety on the windows and interior garden.