what to know your games?

Go to this site it will show you the prices on the new systems!


That is silly you have to buy the dvd set separately with the Xbox 360!! :frowning:

You did not capitalize the “x” in Xbox for being a proper noun, you nincompoop! God, you have defiled the English language!


i dont think thats a human anyways i think its just a spambot.

Then how would it regonize small stuff like “xbox”?

And say that it likes paintball?

he’s human. i know him personally.

can u tell him not to be so much of an asshole 100% of the time, then?

oh well, hes banned anyway :smiling_imp:

Really? Did you invite him here? Lol. I always though he was a bot, though a strange one. Still, he’s become the most epic member I’ve ever seen on a forum.

he was weird…

On topic, why can’t the wii play friggen DVDs?

It can. <_< >_>

No. The current Wii can’t play DVDs. They’re having a later release that includes a DVD player.

Of course, I’ve never tried it. You might be right, but according to IGN, it doesnt play them.

Well, that’s what I meant. Maybe I should just stop making two-word posts. =P

Well you’re already one post closer to accomplishing that goal.

Anyway, what was the point of this topic anyway?

i think is about prices and info about Games in some wep page… see the first post…

but i think nobody wants to post about it, let’s post about the Dvd thing…

i dind’t knew about this, well, i will not buy a Wii until the next year…

Get a black Wii while your at it.

ooh, like the black gamecube but shinnier…

Black Wii? dind’t knew about that one too… :O_O:

I think all the new systems have a black counterpart. I was originally going to get a back DS Lite, but the gamestore I went to didnt have any, so i just got a white one D=

If i was to get a Wii, I would also prefer a black one over a white. And, no, i’m not video game racist xD