What? This article said what?

I… don’t know what to think…

Oh, I’m sure Bill played “flawlessly”. :wink:


I don’t understand the point of the topic though. What’s wrong with the article?

Well, she’s right in that she’s basically a stranger. And it’s because of that that nothing will change. As far as the companies know (and as far as I know, too) the female gaming market is extremely small, so making games for that market would probably be a net loss.

But it must suck though, I mean it’s not their fault that women are told to be “secksy” and “hawt” over everything else.

I’ve always thought that oogling Samus at the end of the game sort of destroyed her aura of badass chick.

I know of at least 20 women/girls/females who play metroid and don’t seem to have too much of a problem with it.

I really don’t know whether we should hate her for destroying “hawt” female figures or love her for being an advocate for women gamers. I have NOTHING, against “hawt” female 3D models (until guys start pretending to be girls on MMOs. Then its… ewwww) but I still have nothing against women for wanting an actual character that isn’t a slut.

I don’t know about this. I don’t really encounter a lot of people telling me to be “Secksy” or “Hawt”, or any of the girls I know. And I know a lot. I know everyone. I know you. Not very well granted, but I do know you.

If people want better female role models, either they should make their own, or play a Final Fantasy game. W00t! Celes! Besides, in recent years Samus has stopped wearing her skimpy bikini. She’s upgraded to a skintight suit. A VERY tight suit.

(How come when girls “get around” a lot, they are called sluts, whores and mocked and scorned and shunned by all, but when guys do, they are mighty “pimp-daddies” who should be revered by all?)

Uh, I think what you’re all forgetting is that males are made very exaggerated as well. Boohoo, people want women to be sexy. Well, they also want men to be strong. When’s the last time you saw a video game with a boring main (male) character?
What’s more, it’s an advertising technique. Obviously, men play more video games than women. So, if you advertise towards men, with sexy women and strong men, you will get more money than if you have strong women and sexy men.

Devil May Cry’s main character (Dante) is supposedly “sexy”

Well, strong and sexy go hand in hand, manwise. They don’t really with women, hence their problems.

Yes, it’s an advertising technique. Perfectly true… unlike most games, Metroid doesn’t use boobies to get sold, though. It uses them to entice you to play through again.

To be honest, the only problem I have with stupidly sexy videogame women is that it adds to society’s constant assertion that woman have to wear skimpy clothes to be taken seriously, which is very sexist. But one or two videogames doesn’t make a lot of a difference, and the only problem I have with the suitless endings is that it sort of takes away Samus’s mysterious badassness.

Heh, if you recall, the only reason people knew Samus was a girl in the first place was when she was wearing an 8-bit bikini in Metroid >_>

Yeah… Bikini models aren’t normally considered particularly powerful. It ruins the image.

On a basis of stereotype, yes, but it still happens.

That’s not sexist. The reverse is true, in a sense. The difference is that a sexy man doesn’t have to wear skimpy clothes, but a guy still can’t be “taken seriously” unless he looks attractive. Not by girls, that is.

Yeah, it’s not like Celes wore a Cammy-style thong bodysuit or anything in her art.

Oh, wait.

Hmmm… Yuna… wait, whuzzat you say Kitty?

Actually I was referring to the original six Final Fantasies, where the characters are eight and sixteen bit sprites and you can’t tell the girls from the guys. Believe me, I fantasize about many a game character, but usually only the 3D ones.

(P.S. Why? If anyone can correctly answer that question, then I shall give them large quantities of respect and a country after I conquer the world.)

Because you can. <_<

I reiterate: Celes’s leotard.

Plus Maria’s bikini, oh, and of course Merugine’s … um… complete nudity?

Plus the Goddess, and Magissa, and quite a few random enemies in V.

Hell, X-2 aside, 5-6 have more fanservice than 7-11 combined…

Not that anything can touch XII, of course.

shakes head solemnly at Fran and Ashe

Well of course. It’s Japanese. If you get right down to it, everything is sexist in some way, either portraying women as naked sex objects, or doing the opposite because they assume all women would be offended and can’t stand seeing naked people.

But what about the opposite? Do you see naked men on games? Cause I have yet to see one. There’s muscular men, and girly Fantasy men, and then there’s the not to sure they’re men, but really, the perspectives for both genders are completely different.

The world is sexist. And segregation still runs rampant! Men and women are FORCED to use DIFFERENT public bathrooms! It’s an OUTRAGE! It must be stopped!

(P.S. If I am perfection, and perfection is impossible for mortals to achieve…than either I am immortal…or I don’t exist. Either way, I rock.)