What suits for Samus in Super Smash?

What suit would you like to see available for Samus in the next Super Smash the most?

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Gravity
  • Phazon
  • Fusion
  • Power
  • Varia
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It’s when you press the Y button to change your character’s colour.

i dont know if nintendo thinks like me but…i definitly chose dark!!

I think the Fusion suit would look AWESOME in 3D.

Just link MP with a completed fusion file and you’ll get that in 3D.

I think they will probably have:
The Varia Suit
The Power Suit (The one in Super Metroid)
The Gravity Suit
The Phazon Suit
The weird Green Suit she had in SSBM
And the weird Pink Suit she had in SSBM

the weird pink suit is probobly the varia suit from “Metroid”

she kinda already has the gravity suit too, but whatever

Dark Suit. period

I think a Dark Samus skin would be cool. No stat changes or anything, just new skin and bullet designs, albeit with the same effects for balance.

Oh crap, forgot about that. D’oh!!

I still think it would look neat in SSBM, regardless. I’d be neat to bash the brains out of all the other Nintendo characters in that thing.

I readed that they gonna do DS in Super smash…

all the suits would be awesome :smiley:

yeah, me to! but the name of the series is super smash bros.!

Yeah but it was just a how do you say that in englisch, to shorten the name…something like that, don’t know the word

Short form.

yeah if that’s the word :stuck_out_tongue: my vocabulair has been expanded :stuck_out_tongue:

You read that "they gonna do DS in Super smash? Either thats sexual, or you don’t make any sense at all. Please explain.

It’s not that hard to understand. He/ she means there is going to be Dark Samus in a new Smash Bros game.

Yeah, it is pretty obvious…

sorry it is just my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that Dark Samus is gonna be put into Super smash bros.

I heard that to, but I don’t think it’s confermed yet
(baaaaaaaaaad english_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? )