What should be in the next metroid game?

What features do you think should be in the next metroid game? things like species of aliens, ocupations, and weapons or whatever?

i think that the
chozo guardians

  • Ing
  • space pirates
  • The two ridleys/kraid

should be in it

I’d say, no Ridley, no Kraid. I want Fusion Suit, I want the remaining Space Pirates, but I don’t want any more copies of Samus, I don’t want any more ressurected bosses, and I don’t want any more re-used plot devices.

that was a stupid suit because she was just ifected by a parisite so why not have the power suit

I think Samus should have regained the power suit after defeting
the SA-X. The whole X idea is just stupid.

at last some one agrees with me YEAH!!

I Think my evil player Shadless sould be in the next game. O and my meta Metroid :smiley:

I think a metroid should be infused into the Fusion Suit and give you the… Power Suit! (yes, that makes sense)

Maybe they could make a 3D version of Super Metroid? And make it third person so you can ACTUALLY do a spin jump. (and I don’t care if you can see the other person doing a spin jump in MP2 multiplayer) That would be an awesome title for all of those people that like Super Metroid more than any of the other games, and trust me, there is alot of those kind of people. So, who’s with me?

I think that Samus should take a vacation. She would be sunbathing on the deck of a cruise ship when there would be an attack and her Power Suit would be stolen. I like being crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or dancing lemurs!

Even better! A bunch of dancing lemurs steal her gear!

ok thats a good idea hahahaha that may work

Ive got a good idea.

They should have a game with X parasites again(bear with me) but they are enfused with metroid, making X Metroids. And this X Metroid creates new, stronger versions of the Queen, Omega, Zeta you know those guys? It would be 3rd person though, and you would get the speed booster unlike metroid prime games.

Metroids exist for only one reason: To kill X. X cannot infect metroids.

Thats true but don’t the metroids just feed of the X like they are food.

Like the have a relationship going on you know like a life cycle thingy.

What happens if a metroid attaches to an X-infected creature?

It may either get infected its self or it may be unaffected by the parasite because on SR388 they were a food source.

this may also help you its a guide to the metroid games you need to got to biological data


I think that there should be more than one character to use. Like either in a party sense, one character through the whole game interacting with the other choises, or you switch when the game demands with each character having unique skills.

The whole thing that makes Metroid fun is that you are the only good guy on a planet full of evil. If you add more playable characters, it’s no fun.

thats true there is always a game like that