What month were you born?

i was born in November on Thanksgiving.(lol, i can understand having ur birthday on that day, but born on that day? sorta rare… :laughing: ) what month were you born?

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July 30.

why do you even need to ask this question? you can check just by clicking on the persons name

Are you serious serpenter?! My birthday is on August 14 1991 :stuck_out_tongue:

i was bored, and tried to start conversation. i didn’t put my birth date in.

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June. 23rd. Nice month. Winter here, so I can’t go to paintball or anything. Which sucks.

8-6-88. Pity. Only two days later and I’d have the best birthday ever. :smiley:

I was born on September 16, 1992. Mexican Independence Day!
My little brother was born on April 20, Hitler’s birthday. :laughing:

ok… um, are u guys part German?

October 7


I grew fast in just 3 days after I was born.

Remembers that he growed fast in such a small time

Are you an Alien by any chance? 2/28/94. 1 day later and I’d age like a puppy.

October 15th
And all my brothers were born in October.
One of my brothers was born one the 31st

  1. I feel old when I see your birthdates. :cry:

I feel really young.

April 23, 1991

My dad’s on April Fool’s day… LOL. :laughing:

Is anyone here born on 6-6-06?

03/13/89 last of the 80s and I can’t remember if I had a good Birthday? :confused:

And DarkSamusPrime if they where I don’t think they know how to use a computer or anything right now.

Unless someone here is 2 months old I don’t think so.