What makes Metroid so awesome?

What makes Metroid so awesome?

I’d have to say the awesome upgrades and sprites, and graphics, and ares, and well Shooting giant creatures!

The fact that it is the greatest form of action adventure, where you can shoot things, explore, and backtrack to get upgrades. Non linearity is the best type of adventure.

the cool story line, guns and creatures
huge detailed area’s… lot of things… :smiley:

everything makes it awesome. its the first game ive played thats made me do a little thinking. and with all the detail it just amazes me how they do it.and i like the part where stuff that u shoot goes boom. lol

The challenge (well, until you beat the games enough times… :neutral_face: ) and the stories :smiley:

Also, it has alot of cool upgrades, bosses, and some pretty good/cool background music.

Oh, and like TDJ said, the area’s are cool too! And detailed!
OH, one of Got Metroid???'s posts reminded me of something else!

I also like how the creatures/aliens in the game ACTUALLY look REAL, and not just like some random globs with tentacles! ( :laughing: )

so far, i agree with all the above…
i think its great not only because that i was my first game for gc, but the detail, the story, the graphics…sigh…it was love at first powerup… :^_^:

I always liked the replay value of the metroid series. I keep playing them over and over and I still dont get sick of them. I play Zero Mission, Super, and Prime the most though.

What Metroid072 said.

The thing I like most about Metroid Prime are the extreme environments in the game, and how they blend in so nicely–Like how Phendrana Drifts is predominantly ice, and Magmoor Caverns, which is only a couple minutes away, has pool’s of hot lava.

Hey, I noticed that no one said anything about the Power Suit :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to have that thing, especially in a car accident, lol.

I’d have to say that the enviroments do make metroid.

I think the characters make it so great. Samus is a great main character. I like how Samus never talks (though many characters from games never talk). It makes Samus so mysterious and her background so intriguing. (didn’t know how else to describe it)
The environments are so creative. Like Dark Aether and the Phazon Mines.

And maridia! :smiley:


boss difficulty and design of enemies power ups bosses and areas.

its just cool
nuff sed


yes, thou speakest truely

The areas, the bosses, the power-ups… and a fit blonde playing the lead role… :smiley:

I’d have to say that wide array of upgrades, the audio, the ability to find tricks and shortcuts not originally programmed into the game, and the expansive world that you begin to learn by heart.