what is your real name?

mine is Charles Gilljam


i’ve been called logan for so long i don’t remember my real name…

Derek Van Dyke. However, the only Dick in my family that I know of has the last name Breitbach, so no relation to any TV stars.


Eirik. NO, IT IS NOT A GIRL’S NAME, AND NO, IT IS NOT PRONOUNCED “I-RIK.” Fire Emblem fucked up, okay? -_-

Scince when are you allowed to swear like that on this forum? :confused:

Beats me. I thought the rules were the same as SCU. >_>

If it wasn’t allowed, it would be auto-censored… >_>

Of course, that wouldn’t affect me, since I’m an admin and could un-censor it. <_<

In any case. DF and MH never set a filter up so I won’t do so either. :E

Yea well, I’m to lazy to set up word filters :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides, any person who is shocked or offended by the word ‘fuck’ should just stay of the internet, because there are a lot worse thing than the word ‘fuck’.

I’m not the knid of person who post’s thier name/picture/email very often on the internet, so I will be keeping with this tradition.

But you all have very… em… fine names.

Joseph Lynn Cooperstein. It is NOT pronounced “cooperstine”, “cooperstyne”, “copperstein”, or any variant of the three. I have had two advanced English teachers bungle my name horribly. I bet it’s all Frankenstein’s fault. Name pronounciation: Coopersteeeen.

I dont post my name on the internet.

James Edward Horn Jr. You know for how many years of school, kids have called me “James Horny”!? I hate it…

should I tell them? Awww what the hell, my name is Cray. No I’m damn serious. It’s Cray. :laughing:

I’ve been told my first name begins with a K…@_@

Derek Van Dyke. As opposed to my web ego, which is a fuzzy firebreathing weasel. His name is, well, guess.

Didn’t you already post your name? x_x

Mine’s Andreas. It’s Italian, I think?

David Michael Drollman. Nice name, Cray.