What is your favorite metroid game?

What is your favorite metroid game?

  • Metroid
  • Metroid II the return of samus
  • super metroid
  • metroid fusion
  • metroid zero mission
  • metroid prime
  • metroid prime 2 echoes
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That game is a crap load of pure awsomness!

Echoes had superior graphics, story, engine, enemies, AI, abilities, atmosphere, music, and pirate design.

Yet I can’t help loving MP over it. That game just had… something. Something the second game failed to capture.

It just felt so much… better, but I don’t know why.

I mainly like mp2 for its story. :smiley:

Now that I think about it, MP had a better story anyway. No shallow villain with no development beyond OMG MYSTERY WNATS PHZN ROFL and yet tries to be as cool and overpowered as possible and who appears at random times for no reason to do nothing at all, no “I think I’ll trust the crazy giant spiked bug people just because they said so”, the logs actually VARY–every damn Luminoth Lore was “Ing attacked and almost killed ___!”

MP’s look into the chozo history was very interesting and fitting. MP2’s felt… rushed and cheap.

And the look into the pirates’ experiments was awesome.

Your right! Lookin in on the progress of the pirate’s experements was pretty cool.

I also like metroid prime…The plot may or may not have been better than echoes, but there was just…something…Dunno what my thoughts were.

I still think mp2 is the best… Well, only because of that movie where all of the gf troopers get eated by splinters. THAT WAS THE COOLESt THING I’VE EVER SAWED!

With no fear of everyone beating me up for saying this, Prime will never replace what Metroid started as and what I believe it should continue to be. Metroid has always been a platformer maze with chances of getting lost every five minutes. Prime was infact a FPS maze with the same chances, but for some reason I can’t say it was my favorite (Though I did like the look into the Chozo history and the whole Phazon thing). Overall I liked Prime but it’s not my favorite.

Super Metroid will always be my favorite Metroid game because it was huge, the upgrades rocked, the difficulty was intense, and the minibosses ruled. Oh yeah and the graphics were cool too for it’s time and hell it beats Fusion or Zero Mission any day.

your right, 2d is the best way to go! Thats why we are makin p2d aint it.

You liked the easiest game ever made because it had intense difficulty? Are you on crack?

Out of the 2d metroid games, I think Fusion has the best story.
hides under table

I voted for MP2E because I haven’t played Super Metroid or Prime 1.
:hides with Zachtroid:

I was 10 when I played it first. Give me a break lol.

Reminds me of how I died twice on Alpha Splinter. :blush:

Is that physically possible?

I can’t decide between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. Super Metroid, in my opinion, is the best side-scrolling Metroid game, but Metroid Prime is tied, just because… well… The music, the phazon, and the bosses…

I actually think Fusion is the worst Metroid game ever, and I don’t really like the story much. runs from zachtroid

Metroid Prime for me, although super is exellent, and close behind.

I think it’s safe to say that super was a good one for alot of us. It had great mini bosses, tons of powerups, I forget how good the story was but I think nintendo needs to make more 2D metroid games like that.

Honestly you really can’t put Prime in the same poll as the 2d games. Prime’s a totally diffrent genre and really can’t compare to the classic 2D side scrolling metroids. But that’s just my oppinion.

Aura’s right. The only games I’ve played are Zero Mission and Metroid Prime 2 though. And don’t worry, Zachtroid is still under the table.