what is your fav online game?

favorite game thats online

  • maple story
  • AQ (adventure quest)
  • Dragon Fable
  • Gate To Heavens
  • martial heroes
  • Fly For Fun
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hmmm I think gate to heavens :sweat: I hope people know what that is…

adventure quest.

I meant like FREE

it is free

srry, I saw your last post before your second

Gotta say maple… Flyff had a lot of errors, and was just a lot like ROSE online, but… with errors. Adventure Quest… never managed to get back onto the servers after the ‘nooby’ access thing stopped, and Dragon Fable was pretty much an amped up adventure quest without the clogged servers. aaaaaaand never played the other ones.

Isn’t this the wrong forum? You know, general metroid discussion?

Yes, it is. moves

none really on there… but, if i had to choose i guess it would be AQ. there are a few that you didnt even list, like knight online, mithwar online, and runescape…

my favorite online game would be world of warcraft…duh…

definetly. that custom weapon thing kicks ass.



Do you mean free online games??

Where the hell is Runescape???

Where’s roseon???


i think the question is WHAT’S roseon…


Oh. That actually looks pretty awesome. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this???

I’ve never played it myself, but My friend got addicted to it. Apparently the graphics are really good, and it takes a massive download.

Lol. “Click the link for massive download!!!”

I’m on it!