What is your fav MP item

What is your fav MP item

  • Vara Suit
  • Boost Ball
  • Space Jump
  • Super Mistle
  • Thermal Visor
  • Gravity Suit
  • X ray visor
  • Ice Spreader
  • Flame Througher
  • Wave Buster
  • Phason Suit/ beam
  • Other
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My favorite is the ice spreader becase it is pwnage to all freaken metroids

Ice Spreader, see above^

Phazon Beam, it rox against Ridley!

How did you get Phazon Beam for Ridly :confused: I thought you needed phazon.

Action Replay codes.


dang, those piracies… they done gameshark for gamecube!! to the hell with then!!

Beating MP with cheat codes not intended for use by the dev team sounds like a waste of time for me. BTW you spelled Varia wrong, Thrower wrong, Phazon wrong, Missile wrong, and you forgot to capitalize X-Ray Visor (a proper noun) :slight_smile: have a good day!

OMG! Ive tried to find an AR code for “phazon beam everywhere” for almost a year now!


This is gonna be SO FUN …

i think Thermal Visor. its just a simple, GREAT idea and samus should always have it. i do also like ice spreader. its great against MP.

as far as AR codes… i think its a fun alternative if youve played and beaten the game a few times. but people that use codes right away or way too much arent really gamers in my opinion.

I’ve beaten Metroid Prime more times than I care to count, so I don’t think I’m abusing codes, just trying to make an overplayed game really fun again.

But, with GCN emulation just around the corner, it’ll only be a matter of time before I can make my own codes… evil grin

heh i cant wait for that. GC emulation… do you think the quality will be any good on a computer?

i doubt it, but it depends.

Depends on Comp. I wouldn’t worry about speed but graphics… if you aren’t playing HL2: Episode 1 with 50 + FPS then go buy yourself a treat (i.e. Graphics card)
Ok I hope I don’t get banned…
Amazing rebates! Note that Graphic Cards will be listed as Video Cards.

damm this code things!! AAAAAHH!! HOW I HATE THEN!!

in super metroid time this didnt existed… aaahh… good old times…

like i said, codes are fun somtimes. it mixes it up, gives you a different game really. in super metroid time, there was passwords. now theres even codes for supermetroid. lol.

Yea codes are fun. Remember them Metroid Secret World days where everyone used whatever they can to find “secret worlds”? Well I can’t because I’m too young but according to Metroid Database there were days like that.

lol i didnt play games in those days. but ive read about the secret worlds. ive even kind of gotten to one in super metroid. i didnt think it was possible. i was playing a rom of super and it was really glitchy. i was also using codes. so it was reaally really buggy. and in brinstar when i went to get the morph ball or something, i went through a door and when i got to the other side, the door closed on me. and i was stuck. i was pushing buttons, and i kind of started to sink, and i appeared in the ceiling of some random hallway, that i never saw again.

passwords? i dont think so… there was passwords in metroid for nes, but in metroid return of samus nintendo started using the save game metodh… because it fits more in a metroid game

no no not passwords. there are gamegenie codes for super metroid roms, meaning that since codes just edit the coding of the game, they could make a super nintendo gameshark. it would be pointless, but possible. heh.

whoa… i fell lucky that these things never reached brazil XD