What is the Stupidest Gaming Moment.

Yes, I`m back!!!

Anyway what is the darn crappy stupidest moment in a game that made you laugh?

Mine is the storyline and dialogue of the first Dragonball Game (NES)

Here is a sample of its uh… glory

Chapter 1

(Bulma and Goku are in a black room)

Bulma: Let us go on a fun trip!
Goku: how too find them? :confused: ( doesn`t make sense read on.)
Bulma; With dragon radar, let us go.

next Cut scene

Bulma: help me( rope goes out of nowhere and drags her of the stage.)
Goku: Huh?Capture?
Bulma: yes i am! lol!!!

Next Cut Scene:
Bulma: UHUHUHUH…you beat it.
Goku: I know, you right? ( All right?)
Bulma: UHUHUHUH yes fine. lets go... ................................................................. Later Cutscene: Turtle: Master Kame: Thank You, i give you cloud Bulma: How about teach wave beam. ( Plot hole!) Goku: yes please. Kame: Only if you show panties Goku: I dont have them
Kame: Not You the girl.
Bulma: I will do it. (A little too willing.)
(Now it shows Kame and he is circled with panties and then Hairy Sandwiches in the English versoin it only shows the panties.)
turtle; Master you Prevert.
Kame:( still Blushing falls over.)

Chapter 2; Ulong Monster?

man: Ulong prevert, he screw our girl, he monster.
Goku: we`ll get him!!!

Post your stupidest moments!!

Dragon ball was made by perverts. At least they cleaned it up in dragon ball z, anyway.

My most stupid gaming moment? Well, in Zelda, I always seem to try to open a chest from the wrong side. >.<

stupidest gaming moment? never really had one except, playing oddworld 1, one of the people said hello, and I immediately jumped off a cliff. so it was really my fault

Right. You crazy?

It was a complete accident, okay?

Yeah showing Bulma, Goku, and Krillin was pretty uh…

of course the game was just funney

The stupidest moment in a game I acutally created was running away from a creature and then slamming all my forces into an electric fence in Pikmin 2.

Hey. I’m starting to feel more intelligent already. :^_^:

Yes darkblade, you should

for me, its a tie between two moments in my breif gaming history…

the first time was when i was making a run through the ing hive on prime 2 and forgot which button fired missiles. i am totally serious, my mind went completely blank, and i couldnt remember how to fire missiles, and with only 2 energy tanks left, being completely out of beam ammo, and being stuck in the dark world with two ingsmashers attacking me at once, it was time to panic. needless to say, all my progress i had made to that point was lost (I hadn’t saved since i first arrived, and i had found two of the keys since then) and i then turned around to find that my girlfriend had snuck up behind me and watched this whole exchange without me knowing.

ehe… nothing like turning around and seeing your girlfriend laughing at you after a whole 2 minutes of screaming WHY WON’T THIS ******* THING FIRE?!

although the second best was during an xbox live match my clan was holding. i was trying to get a warthog ontop of the windmill in zanzabar on halo 2, and almost had it when i noticed it had missed the platform by mere inches. in my hurry to try and stop the meticulusly planned assault from going to pieces on my account, i forgot to run out of the way, and got front row seating to watch as it landed square on my head. when i respawned, all i could hear over the comm was laughing…

boy did i feel stupid right then.

I should feel sorry for you, but I won’t.

Metroid Prime Hunters. I got myself killed in Survivor by trying to get into the (apparently impossible to access) morphball cannon while there were three metroids attacking me. I figured if I could get in I’d escape. >_>;

Sounds like someone trying to get into the portal at Hall of the Honored Dead…

Metroid Prime: Hunters, not MP:2E

He was just saying it was a similar situation.

It’s actually MP2:E not the colon before the two :imp: Come on like my name! :frowning:

My stupidest gaming moment was buying The Fellowship of the Ring for the GBA…god that game sucked…

But as for in a game, the only true stupid moment in gaming was when I was playing RE4, (I guess Spoilers, if you really care) and Ashley was locked up on this wall in this GIGANTIC room. I spent about a whole hour trying to find a way down there so I could free her.

x_x Little did I know, that all I had to do was shoot the locks on her. Sadly, I didn’t have a Rifle and my aim is poor, so Ashley only died about 5 times v_v Don’t try to snipe with a Handgun or a…Shotgun.

I just looked at the box and it doesn’t have a colon. There.

Hrmm…my stupidest gaming moment…err, yeah, here’s one.

You guys may not know what all this stuff means, but for those who do, raise your hand.

I was in Gnomeregan on WoW, in a full party. We had just walked through the instance, and the game hadn’t read that we were in a party, so we were all going to get booted out of the instance. Thinking fast, I attepted to walk out of the instance back to the central part of Gnomer, when I pased directly through it…so, amazed, I was jumping around in the “fake” outside of the instance and then suddenly fell through the ground. I died and ended up in Tirisfal Glades, WAY far away from where Gnomer is.

Now THAT was stupid. I reported it to the GMs and I got a tell a day later saying that it was being worked on for a while. I tried to ask the GM a question, (assuming it was a REAL person :laughing:) and got no answer. He even said that he will keep the conversation open if I had a question…

That was more of a Most Stupid Gaming Error… :smiley: