What is the most annoying thing to you?

Put what is most annoying to you on here, and here’s my list:

grandpa- he thinks game are bad and starts talking about when he did when he was my age and what he did.

longest cousin- burnt my memory card by putting it in the fire place( age 6)

and that about it.

Damn gay kids… i have a sister who lost my memory card. And I think we all know people who can relate to your grandpa.
Off topic, yet on (kinda): What will you say when your (grand)-kids play Metroid when it is abandonware?

I won’t have kids…I say this kid I know. I want to rip him apart…

work… work is the teriible’s thing ever… ohh man, you remeber when you were hosted by your parents and should care only about the school… ohh good times… video games and school

The most annoying thing in the world are other human beings. :sweat: Most of them.

Yes definetly Butch…

teacher- “welcome class. today were going to do an explosive chemical’s lab. HAHA just kidding were having a 100 question pop quiz on the history of chemicals”

The X-ray was invented in 1896!

My two brothers!One makes fun of me in a retarded way like i’m a retard and the other tries to hug me!!!

You know, teachers never actually do that unless you’ve just been studying the history of chemicals for a week or so… which I don’t think is even something you study in school. Pop quizzes are easy if you were paying attention like you were supposed to (if not, why complain? You’re going to fail the test just as much even if you knew it was coming).

I hate a lot of things, but what annoys me the most is bad grammar. Especially the use of adjectives in place of adverbs.

“He did real good out there today”

Oh God… twitch

Administars Morphine That will either make you happy or I overdosed. One of them. Yes bad grammar sucks ass. I remember a guy with bad grammar. I tore him to shreds.

Um, kid, I hope you realize that yours is pretty subpar in itself >_>

“Administars”? Not to mention the glaring sentence fragment in that post…

i hate this annoyin little twat matthew, hes five and ive beaten him more times than ive killed sa-x, and he keeps comin in my resteraunt and laughing gayly…
ha…ha…ha…(gasp) ha…ha… honestly hes got the gayest laugh ever hes a gay king, never mind lord

yes, i met matthew when i visited you worldh8r666, and his dad is poor and kept asking for money from our parents…

Yeah sometimes I typo but I mean a sentence such as “i lik mtrod! roxorz!” I need to work on sentence fragments, some spelling, capitalzation etc.

Well you were pointing out that you didn’t like bad grammar, meanwhile you post a fragment and incorrect pronoun in your post, along with a misspelled word. That was just a little ironic <_<

Anyway, I lick my trod, too. Rock’s oars! :E

I refuse to understand the last sentence. And, yes I’m a very psychotic, ironic little SOB. I also hate organized sports, rap, and unorganized sports. Runs away from angry mob

Crazy Frog, incorrect grammar and people in the UK refering to the American “Billion” when they say billion - not the British billion!

There are two Billions?

AHHHHHH :astonished: . Wait I don’t get that. What is “billion”?