What is the best metroid form

this is just a question to all what is the best metroid form and i would have to say the hunter metroid

Use punctuation please.
And shouldn’t this be a poll?

no its just a question

Omega Metroid is the best form, or Queen Metroid (although there’s only one)

I like Hunter Metroid best.

i found the queen very hard to kill myself having to change beams and stuff

You can’t change beams in Metroid II.
And polls are questions. :whack:

I say metroid prime

metroid Prime and hunter metroid

I like Metroid Prime in the 2nd form.

Baby Tallon Metroid. They’re so cute…

Metroid Prime isn’t a Metroid

Uh yes it is. See, that’s why they call it METROID prime.

Wow really!? I thought they called METROID prime because
it was a cool name at the time.

Yeah, I think a mod should close this then make a poll instead.

I’ll say the best is Metroid Prime. If I would have played Return of Samus fully I would have said Queen Metroid, but I’m not sure how hard she is to defeat. Metroid Prime has a wide range of attacks, which is not accessable by the other metroids in the family, plus it’s the fastest one so far…no doubt about it. So, Metroid Prime it is!

Metroid Prime was Pirate-enhanced.

what do yuo mean enhanced

Yeah, I thought he ment a natural form.

The form of it you fight has Pirate weapons and such.