what is that blue thing at the end of prime?

at the end of metroid prime after you kill metroid prime right before you lose your phazon suit is that giant blue thing with a orangte brain thingy inside motherbrain??? will you have to face off with mother brain mp3?

its the core or metroid prime,not mother brain.sigh

are you sure cuz that orange thing sure looks like a brain…

its metroid prime, not mother brain, mother brain is a giant brain thing not related to phazon. :slight_smile:

well space pirates brought back ridley twice by the time samus see’s what i think is mother brain so why couldn’t they have brought mb back with phazon? it could have been a small phazon mutation that started with a singel cell from mother brain…but im just sharing my opinion…

Just because they brought them back to life doesn’t mean they did it with Phazon. Not once was Phazon mentioned with Meta-Ridley or any other revived boss. Why do people always think Phazon is “teh shit”? It’s not a wonder drug, it’s like radioactive waste. Things are more likely to die than benefit from it.

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k first…u all have no imagination or creativity…phazon is cool…


If I were a stuck up, snotty, elitist asshole I’d be threatening to kill you for saying that. I’m an author if that’s any indication that I do have a bit of creativity in me.

Phazon is cool… Screw Phazon. To hell with it. “Oh wow, a blue goo/veiny thing that makes Pirates big and Metroid split! Let’s make it do more stuff and make it cooler!” What’s next? Will it give you meat vision? The ability to kick something from 500 yards away? Or maybe it’s Samus’s new kryptonite? Phazon is overrated. I’ll be glad when the Prime series is done.

yeah those are all great ideas!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

… No, the ones with no creativity are the ones saying “everything has to be phazon influenced”.

Also, that is not Mother Brain. MB has nothing to do with the Prime series. That is Prime’s core and nothing else. Period.

And no, it’s not a Core-X, either. Just thought I’d get that out before another complete moron brings that up. It’s not physically possible.

Nice pre-emptive strike Dazuro :stuck_out_tongue:

Core-X… Lol, priceless.

lol okay whatever my question is answered this can be locked to save space

Locking doesn’t save space… >_> It’ll still be in the wasteland.

it will be one less post here.

You say that like you don’t think I said that with due cause. There are indeed many twits who ignore common sense and logic and will argue to the grave that Metroid Prime is an X.

Anyway, locking at creator’s request.