What is Ridley's coolest form?

What is Ridley’s coolest looking form?

  • Original Ridley (Metroid)
  • Resuricted Ridley (S. Metroid)
  • X infected Ridley (Fusion)
  • New Ridley (Zero Mission)
  • Metal Ridley (Zero Mission)
  • Meta Ridley (P2D)
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Personaly I like the New Ridley, but the Resuricted Ridley will always have a place in my heart.

Whatever happened to Meta Ridley for the real Metroid Prime? :confused:

This is just for the 2D games, the real Meta Ridley would win all the votes hand down.

Metal Ridley from mzm.

And by the way, it’s called Mecha-Ridley.

I really like the original Ridley. He’s got a cute sprite, and purple = <3. >_>

I voted Ridley X, since I don’t even want to know what the hell “Resuricted” means and “True-Meta-Ridley” isn’t there.

Resuricted Ridley is the Ridley in Super Metroid. I call it that cause I figure that it’s a clone.

Alas a toss between Resurrected Ridley(S. Metroid) and Meta Ridley(P2D). Based on graphics alone, I’ll go with the Meta version. Based on game play, Resurrected Ridley. Meta Ridley has yet to begin his(?) reign of terror. Hmm… Meta Ridley it is. With so much resource to draw from, tis bound to be a good fight.

I voted for the P2D ridley, although sephi has alot of work to do. :confused:

I would say any ridley besides X ridley (Neo Ridley).
All Neo Ridley can do is pick Samus up, screem
at her, and drop her. EVERY SINGLE TIME!