what is best program 2 make gamez

wot is it??? tell me

It depends on what games you want to create.

games for cellphones, pda’s, consoles or computers?
Are you going to make a RPG, a platformer, a racing game or a RTS?
Do you want to create a 2D or a 3D game?


very good!

well, im only planning to make metroid esque games, and shooters and an rpg. im concerntrating on the shooter for now.

Do you know the basics of programming?

If so, Game Maker …

If not, The Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion …

But before you do anything, stop and ask yourself how much you expect to get out of it. Making (good) games is a generally difficult task, and even if you make it … not everyone is going to like it, people are going to ignore you, people are going to wine about how its not perfect and people are going to snub you for better projects. You wont be able to sell it, even if people wanted to buy it… and making it is going to take hours/days/months/years of painstaking work depending on how serious you are about it.

So basically if you want to make a game … you have to be able to enjoy yourself while coping with everything above. Its not as hard as it sounds but its not easy either … the most important thing is that you enjoy making the game, without that you shouldnt bother trying.

if u wanna make a professional game, go with some C++ platform, if not, try a BASIC language like DarkBASIC or BLITZbasic

or, if ur just starting out (which im guessing u are) try game maker :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a number of people say this…

You have to be realistic … a professional game takes some team of 50-100 people. If you were to make a professional game, just “up and do it” is not a very realistic attitude. You would first have to know C++ inside out, which can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, then you will have to learn D3D/OpenGL class structure, and then you will need the man power available to put together all the separate modules for the game. Granted that C++ is a LOT more powerful than GM, the use of dynamic memory allocation is a given. But real programming languages require a LOT of extra work with API programming and IO streams and Class construction, hence the need for extra people.

GM automates all of that, allowing you to make something visually and logically working in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it in C++. The only drawbacks I’ve seen thus far are limitations on some rather poor memory management design on behalf of Game Maker, namely the “magic variables” and preloaded resources. If you want to make something professional then GM probably wont satisfy you … but if you just want to have fun making games then GM’s power can be utilised to great heights, IF you know what you’re doing.

yeah, im just starting to try to make games. i needed sumthin 2 do with my sprites that i made.

the shooter is gonna be a starfox game. i luv da starfox gamez so i make my own but if i no gud i hit myself with a brik.

hit urself with a brick for ur spelling too XD

well, after a few hours work ive given up on the starfox game. damn its hard. now im trying to think how to make x-mas h8r robot the game. any advice how… no programming though. i cant do that

or sumthin that lets you create a game where things fly across the screen for you to shoot.

It better not be Starfox Assault because we already have one of those in the fangame forums…

(this list uses game maker)
here is the order of what you should do:
1.an empty room.add stuff to later to test stuff.
2.click the ball tutorial.
3.basic platformer.
4.basic mario game.
5.1945 clone.
6.A basic metroid game with left up and right aiming.
7.a starfox scrolling shooter left to right.
8.advaced mario game.
9.top down flight game.
10.a 3D maze game.
11.medium metroid game.
12.3D basic shooter.
13.top down racing game.
14.3D platformer.
16.fix your 3D platformer engine up and add your shooter to it plus mouse aiming.for a FPS
19.3D flying game

Wow, according to that, my game-programming hobby went all over the place. 1, 5, 9, 3, 18/21, 15. <_<

Some of that stuff is really out of order and unnecessary from my perspective.

1.I made it up on the spot
2.how did you make a 3D game without reg…

It’s certainly possible to. There were 3-D games in GM5.

But no, I haven’t done a 3-D game without using the 3-D functions. I got it regged between 3 and 18. :stuck_out_tongue:

And even if you did make it up on the spot, some things still look out of order and unnecessary from my perspective. A little bit of preparation can change a lot, you know, so that excuse is pretty bad.

This brings to mind how DF said GM sucks. Do you think we should set up a thread which tells noob developers which program to use and when? I could sure use it… lol.

I went:

1, 15.

15 is still in progress :smiley:.

I already know C++/Java … that kind of helped me … a lot.

I was only trying to be helpful.and what is out of place?
anyway advanced means super metroid looks like barf in comparison advanced
and i forgot what i say!

Hey no one is trying to put you down for helping. But that kind of “list” does not exactly help you get to what you want to do in a feasible manner. If you want to make a 2D Metroid game all you need is knowledge of the basics of GM and how to do platformers … and also some brains.

Furthermore, what do you mean “Super Metroid” looks like barf in comparison?!

Super Metroid is probably THE best 2D Metroid Game … and the only difference between it and Metroid Fusion/ Zero Mission/ even P2D are the graphics. Being skilled in GM programming isnt going to get you any better graphics, thats something that takes extra talent … or extra man-power. According to you, there is no such thing as an “Advanced Metroid Game”, because I have yet to see any Metroid game (or any platform game for that matter) more “advanced” than Super Metroid. Metroid Zero Mission/ Fusion could be considered equally as advanced.

Honestly, calling anything “the best” is nonsensical. Game making programs are designed to be fast in development (while large and slow at running), moderate in development (while more functional, small, and a moderate speed), or slow in development (while just a bit more functional, larger, and faster speed). I’m sure there are other combinations out there. (And if you’re curious, those three programs were respectively GameMaker, Visual Basic Professional Edition 6.0, and Visual C++ Professional Edition 6.0.) Regardless, GameMaker is the best in terms of programmer-friendliness and simplicity. C++ is the best for speed. And Visual Basic is the best mix. (Of course, the speed also greatly depends on the programmer’s optimization skill.)