What if?

What would you do if there was no metroid?

  • rip hair out
  • beat your head against the wall
  • commit suicide
  • play mario for the rest of your life
  • seek mental help
  • die of bordom
  • jump of of a sky skraper
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If ther was no metroid this world woud suck! There would be nothing to look forward to each day. If there was no mp, what if nintendo made some crappy fps mario game?! :frowning:

Um… What’s the point of this topic, again?

The point of this topic is- What would the world be like without metroid?
It would be hell!!! Thats what it would be!!!

        Your ganna lock this topic arent you.  :cry:

I don’t see any discussion that can come from this… I mean, if Metroid didn’t exist, they’dj ust make a new series, and we wouildn’t miss it since we’d never seen it, you know?

doesn’t lock, and no less than five bears faint in surprise

This is sorta pointless Daz, go ahead and lock it. I just made it cause I was bord. :^_^:

Um… okay then.