what if metroids were real...

it would be awsome. i love metroids, i cant stand killing them in the games. wouldnt it be good if they actually existed.

Yep. So large and deadly…

that would be good, but we would probablt all get our brains sucked out…
better keep an ice beam handy.

I’ve always wanted a pet metroid, actually.
If they existed though, it’d probably not be like that at all. Everyone would be deathly afraid of them, and it wouldn’t be cool at all. No pets :wink:

Judging by how much it takes to kill one, everything on Earth would be dead (except possibly humans who have super-tight shelters.) Literally. One metroid could kill the entire US Army, provided it can get into jets.

They could also be used as Bio Weapons.

It wouldn`t be that hard to defend yourself from them.You could hide in your basement,or fly to Antarctica.And if all else fails,grab your freezer.Its your ultimate defense.

Hey look what this guy made!This

Thats cool.

…im not reading all that…

Yes, I love it when energy-sucking, mutated freaks of nature with ginormous spike/claw/jaw things that resemble… I dunno… a brain mixed with green food coloring and some kind of internal organ is waltzing around on the earth. Awesome.

I’d really be more excited about space pirates or something.