What happened once in your life

Me, Well I had female dog who me and my parents used to take care of.

But One night, it suddendly had puppies and it’s was a mother, I felt proud, but it died a few days later leaving it’s descendants by themselves, me and my mom took care of them, and set them for adoption.

But that was 7 years ago, right now, Im still wondering who is the father of those puppies. That still remains a mystery.

So has anything ever happened to you guys once in your life?

Yesterday I drank some Pepsi.

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooool. I was almost hit by a U-Haul truck. And like your story to this day I’ve never found the driver. I want to talk to him…Than kill him.

Lol. Nearly busted my head open.

a girl asked me out! this is amazing, and i know noone will ever belive in this except from my father that was near the hole thing hehehe that was only time in life for sure XD

Pffft! Thats it? On vacation this year I made out to a girl in the middle of the Hotel hallway!

Meeting Micheal Palin when I was abroad in Eastern Europe.

Dude, aren’t you like…10?

The car raming into my house and that about it.

No I’m 12. X Megadragon is 10. She was 15. Anyway I got a severe concussion when I was five. And stitches near my eye from when I was gored by a fence post. This little SOB pushed me into it. If my friends didn’t hold me back there would be hell to pay.

OmegaMetroid i really don’t remember being that bad at grammer at your age… I once drank coke too!

ive killed a husky dog, to defend my life. it tried to eat me. so i pulled out my pen knife, and stabbed its nose. then i just put petrol on it and… you know the rest.

it was like taller than me and looked me in the eye evilishly

Cut me a break will ya?

I saved some people from drowning the other day >_>

I’m too lazy to type out the whole story, and it wasn’t particularly interesting.

umm… i dunno really…

i drank some coke too?

oh, and my brother died :frowning:

and i got hit by a soccer mom’s car when i was young

thats about it… well, for sad stuff anyway

Soccor mom?

you guys dont think that a girl ask a guy out is strange? generaly is the opositive… well… for me was uncommun

Yeah, that’s… really strange, in my experience.

Well, about the saddest thing I’ve ever only gone through once is witnessing George W. Bush get re-elected. Possibly the worst part of my life so far, really.
I’ll have posted in this topic once after I finish typing it.
I’ve only been interested enough to play the original Doom once.
Pretty sure I won’t die twice.
For some reason, I really want to put a hard drive in a microwave… Yeah, I’ll probably only do that once. Especially if that entails the whole ‘won’t die twice’ thing… UNLESS I get mutated, and somehow come back to life. Then I’ll have to delete the ‘die twice’ thing. God damnit.
I’ve only used microwave once before this point in this post.
And I’ll only say this once: I’m gonna stop this message here, before it’s considered spam.

I moded my potato gun with a stun-gun ignition system and dry fired it in my open car port (dry fired = no projectile)

Better performance than ever expected,
loud ringing in hears,
a swelling sense of pride in making Big BOOM.

I crashed a car five years ago. I got some really ugly scars and I almost died. Probably won’t do that again.