What happended to this project?

Hi, sorry if this thread has come around here a lot. I’ve been feeling nostalgic for old fangames and checked up on what happened to some of them and I ended back up on Prime 2D. A couple years back a new trailer came out and this website was launched, but its been like, a year and there’s just been radio silence. Just thought I’d revive this forum and ask if this project is still in development or its just been canned silently. I’m assuming its just on the backburner because of, y’know, real life, but it probably doesn’t hurt to ask.

Really nice website, btw.

Hey there, dono! Thanks for asking, and I apologize for not seeing this sooner.

Those of us who are left on the team still work on it from time to time. It is definitely not abandoned, just… slow. We always “joke” that this will be done by 2068, but… games take so much time to make, especially one as ambitious as this that we just sort of do in our free time.

Every year we try to get out some kind of little April Fool’s joke as our way of showing that we’re still here, even if they’re not totally related. Be sure to check them out on our Trello page. Otherwise… hope you can be patient with us a little longer. :slight_smile: