what do you think metroid1 would be like 3d?

What do you think metroid 1 would be in first person view?

My opinion: probably still as boring (can’t beat mother brain)

Hopefully better as its in 2D. Metroid 1 is the only Metroid Game which i dont like…
Its too hard (for me) and too boring.
All other Metroid Games kick ass!! :wink:



Metroid is a perfectly fine game. It’s just not very technologically advanced.

When you think about it, these were times when people played pong (two lines and a dot) I think that it was perfectly fine for its day and age. I look back on it now and have noticed something, if metroid wasn’t such a hit, then why would six more be created after it? You have to think like a person of that time to truely understand it.

That would be cool if mabey nintendo was done making metroid prime games then they could remake the hole 2d metroid sieries in first person shooter mode!
thinks about fighting Queen metroid in 3d

If they’re going to remake anything I say remake zero mission. No, metroid was an awesome game, but only for the NES. someone pointed that out.

I still think megaman was more impressive as a NES game.

Agreed. When I play Metroid 1 not that it’s a bad game but it doesn’t have a lot of action in it (3 bosses in the entrie game). Megaman just sorta died down (X8 was pretty good though, took it back to it’s roots) but Metroid was able to survive. But back in the SNES days the action games to have were either Super Metroid or the Megaman X series.

What about MMBN?

I hate those games with a passion.

I would like to see metroid fusion redone in 3d! that would be cool runnin around the bsl station! The sax fight would probably be just like when you fight dark samus!

Running from SA-X in 3d. That would be sweet.

I don’t like the thought of remaking the games. First because they should be left alone, and second because they’re not going forward anymore, they’re going back. I’m not saying P2D is a bad idea, but for Nintendo, they should make Metroid 5, end of story.

I think they should make a side-scrolling metroid game for the game cube but it has ssbm grafics!

uh…I don’t think they’d do that beyond maybe a DS game.

ur right, side-scrollers need to stay handheld.

Yeah, I was…gonna…post that.
Ah well, M1 would SUCK in 3D. They already did a graphical remake, why remake it again?

Apart from the SA-x would harshly own you as Ds was a pushover.
I’ve never died to DS even when i wasn’t attacking her so I could get a closer look. :smiley:

Okay…SA-X was harder than dark samus. I never died to her once either, even on the final fight.

It’s harder in 2D, I guess.

SA-X was more aggressive.