What do you think is the dumbest anime??

What do you think is the dumbest anime. I’d have to say either spider riders, bobobo-bo-bobobo, or super milk chan.

BTW, who wathces Hikaru no go?? Sai is the most awsome gay dude in an anime ever!

seeing as i hate almost all anime, i will have to say the most common anime that wastes adult swim time:


that show must DIE. :imp:

Damn right. It’s like pokemon, and dragonball z. It used to be awsome. But by episode #400, it gets old.

Hmm… Natruto? Great Teacher Onizuka? Hamtaro? There’s a lot of shit comming from Japan.

um…full metal alchemy or something?

Wait holdup!! Full metal alchemist is probably the best anime ever. Naruto isnt that terrible. Hamtaro…i cant express how bad an idea that was. Zoids is pretty bad too.

Though a good portion of the population thinks that Pokemon was good, the only thing I found good about it was the very first GB game, and even that became retarded. And ironically, after that POS came out, a whole bunch of other shitballs came plopping out. Among them were Digimon and Yugi-oh.

If you think I should be burned at the stake for speaking “blasphemy”, then maybe your head should be examined.

meh, i hate all anime equally , lol

although i love the naruto story and all, i’d have to say i hate it also… once u hit 3 seasons in a row of filler, it gets REALLY old… siriusly, way too much filler.

anime…?? what is that?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn right. Your right about pokemon spawning ripoffs, each of which i swallowed hookline and sinker (I watched all 4 seasons of digimon). But Yugioh i actually enjoyed, because it wasnt AS kiddy and stupid, though it was just another one of those “FRIENDSHIP PREVAILS!!” shows, which make me sick to my stomach. And no, you shouldnt be burned for blasphemy, you damn right. Anyhow, even more crap has been coming lately, such as Zatch Bell, Bobobo-bo-bobo, and mew mew power.

Though i must commend Ultimate muscle. That’s the funniest completely stupid pointless shitty show ive ever seen, and i actually enjoyed it.

Oh, and anime is a bunch of cartoon people made by the japanese that all look the same.

did i already say that i hate almost all anime? except some show with “angels” which are some wierd creepy monster and i have no idea what show this is but i see it on Adult Swim sometimes.


is it just me or does the facial expressions on this guy getting whacked remind you of anime??

eh…i think its just u :slight_smile:

Evangelion, one of the best anime’s ever. That’s the one with the angels.

lol aww. well anime still sucks. particularly inuyusha