What do you prefer?

In Super metroid there was no talking
in metroid fusion there was a lot of talking
in zero mission there was some talking
in prime was no talking(just the scaned informations,i dont know if that is talkig…)

well what is the essence of a metroid game? i like it SM when i played because the game (not considering the intro and the ending) was just action,with no cut sceenes

and that changed a lot,what do you guys think?

Echoes pulled off dialogue the best. It had plenty, but it was skippable. Stupid Fusion and its insanely long dialogues. >_>

i couldnt stand that eigther. I also didnt like they way
that dumb computer wouldnt let you do ANYTHING
outside what your supost to do. Thanks you ruined
my need for Sequence Breaking Adam!

I like the talking that does not invade seaquence breaking. ‘Echoes…im looking at you’ Literaly I am…

Hmm… I prefer the talker Samus. I loved the plot in Fusion and didn’t mind the lack of sequence-breaking. IMO, you don’t really have a true plot if your character never speaks.

Which makes me wonder… if we ever heard Samus speak, what would her voice sound like?

i think the voices of some characters are just not made for talking… have you imagined link speaking? it would ruin the hole spirit… same with samus, i prefer see just the typing on the opening of every metroid game ehuehue thats just me

Link has spoke before. >_> He’s had three lines ever, only one had a voice acting, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Boy, this is really expensive!’
‘I found a pot under the table.’
‘Come on!’

yeah. not a single soul in the universe knows what samus sounds like. That pisses me off. get some voice acting in there! most of their othergames do. In echoes, that wasent talking “Heries Tu Muaul!” Ment ‘May the light of ether be with you’. NOT voice acting. Gosh. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think samus cant speak because she lived with the bird people?

hell she can. shes human!!! Anyway, the chozo talked somehow. how did she comunicate with the federation? Ponder on that a while.

How would she get her contacts? How would she read the messages the Federation sent? How would the Chozo have communicated with the Federation? How would she be able to do anything to get anything she has? You can’t mime a request for a hunter-class gunship… >_>

heheh you got me…
by the way,is there any nintendo character that actualy talk? with voice?

super mario, mama Mia!

Peach does also talk, she talks in the ending of sm64 (tha orginal verision)

A prefer the mute Samus. I like the constant action that was featured in Super Metriod. Metriod Prime, i wouldnt count scans as talk, was good in that aspect because of the AWESOME cutscenes and in Prime2 even there werent enough of them. Metroid Fusion was a great game despite all the talking but it was interesting and added kind of like a sub-story so the talking was kind of cool.

know what, all metroids are cool, nitendo just know what shes doing

u can hear smaus screem when she dies in Prime

I hardly think that counts as “talking”.

i never died transformed in a morph ball…is the same animation or she dies in the 3rd person view?

Even if she DIDN"T speak very frequently in some games, that’s still a complete bullshit theory. She was born and raised a human. The chozo did nothng but take her in and train her after she was about 10 or so. Plus the chozo can talk anyway.

ok, now, is the same animation or she dies in the 3rd person view?