What are your plan after schools out for summer

I’m planing to get a job at a theatre or someplace where I can get some money so I can get N Wii and MP3C when it comes out. put your plans for the summer or vacation.

i plan on spending my days on the computer and being lazy! =p

I’m going to Russia!


Hopefully heading to Chicago for a bit (<333), then getting ready for… college… ;_; DAZZY NO WAN GRO UP.


At least you’ll have the chance to earn your own money, and lose all the time you’ve got to spend it! :neutral_face:

I’m so happy to be 14 =3

What college do you plan to go Daz? Mine is ITT Tech in Birmingham AL to be a game designer.

Uh, let’s see… Finish up what I’ve promised for three fangames, finish a huge pile of incomplete MIDIs, play all the classic video games I’ve only partially completed, making more MIDIs, keep myself active on all the forums I visit, and… uh… I might be taking a vacation all the way down in my kitchen once, but I think I’ll mostly be staying up north in my computer chair.

…Just a quick random question: What’s that big bright thing outside? Man, I need to cover my windows or something. That’s really bright.


I’ve heard it’s called “The Sun” but I’m not entirely sure. It does get quite annoying when I’m sitting in my room TRYING to read, though…

Better to know nothing about it than to know too much about it, I say.

Wow i love being young! 13 FTW! Video games all summer and my mom is bribing me to go to a summer class only for talented kids (no seriously you have to have certain high grades) with a Wii so i’m getting a Wii for nothing and o crap here are the 13 year old haters…

More like “people who don’t think getting good grades = talent.”

Every moron can get good grades. Talent = test scores.

U of Hawaii. They apparently have good courses for aspiring oceanographers. That’d be what I am. >_>

Oh, and Tim? Wrong. Test scores tend to end up more based on rote memorization and narrowing down options to guess properly than actual knowledge of a topic. The true test of skill… is experience.

And the style of tests used in colleges, of course.

Grades are a measure of effort and motivation more than knowledge and intelligence. They aren’t a measure of intelligence at all, really. Maybe in a slight way. You can be a super brainiac and still fail. =P

I hate how people assume that if your failing, your stupid though. Not that I’m failing or even close, but the real measure of intelligence is right there in seeing more than balck and white.

It’s more tests than grades, in any case. It really depends on the kind of test, though, but some tests can truly measure experience.

More importantly: what the hell happened to michigan state?

That’s exactly me, which is why I took offense at SNIPER’s statement.

No one assumes I’m dumb, but I hate people that think they’re smart jst cause they get A’s. I’m not saying that people that get A’s are dumb, I’m just saying that people that fail aren’t necessarily dumb, either.

im sorry to say this, but i heard from my dad(who is a drafter) that itt tech’s classes are crap.

heh, i plan on being lazy this summer

OMG tell that to my so called “friends”. those losers study for like 50 hours when I don’t study a bit :frowning: . THen they laugh at my test scores. Talent Search (the program) is based off of your ISAT scores (Iowa Standardized Achievement Test). The funneh thing is i don’t live in Iowa but in Illinois. BTW I suggest Full Sail. All i know is that it is runned by Nintendo or something but i KNow big N is involved. Since Chicago isn’t that far from me when i grow up i’ma gonna try for Champaign or Full Sail. Time to studeh for my Science test :frowning: .

I feel sorry for you, I don’t study at all and I have B’s in all my classes, one is art and I think I may have an A but are Art Teacher is coming back tommorow on the 17 from joints problems

Straight A’s for the past 8 years.

straight 70% since…ever

Well the less efficiently you perform the less people expect of you.